Here’s How This Hyderabadi Start-Up Is Training Common Citizen To Respond For Medical Emergencies!


Most of the lives that are lost due to medical emergencies is because of the lack of immediate care to victim. So the gap between the victim and the medical care is bridged by this Hyderabad based start up, 100k First Response. It is a chain of citizens who are trained to respond and attend the victims suffering from medical emergencies in the localities near them. 100K First Response is an extension of CallAmbulance, a medical facilitation app founded by Umashankar Adi Kotturu and Jagadish Vishwanatham. They plan on creating a huge network of Citizen First Responders and create a society that takes responsibility and responds to such emergencies.



There are over 60 private hospitals and EMRIs that have joined the movement to train citizens as First Responders. For e.g. they are in partnership with well reputed hospitals like Continental Hospitals and Omni Hospitals, and CallAmbulance team has trained more than 100 UBER Drivers till date. Any able bodied and fit citizen between the age group 18-55 years irrespective of gender/education can sign up for this training. They encourage Car/Bus/Auto Drivers, corporate employees, security guards, college students, people living in residential areas are the common witnesses emergencies and therefore must undergo the training.



In India every year 7.2 Lakh Cardiac Arrests occur. Only 1% of the victims survive. This is because immediate care is not provided to the victim.They were motivated to start CallAmbulance when they witnessed an accident on their way from Hyderabad to Warangal. A truck had collided into a two-wheeler and both drivers were severely injured, even though they were ready to help the victims but they could not find an ambulance for an hour. This experience taught them the importance of immediate help.


The App works when an emergency victim raises alarm using CallAmbulance App it will share the exact location of the victim with these First Responders along with Ambulance Manager/108, Ambulance Driver and Doctor-on-duty, family. Only the First Responders who are in the 1km distance will be notified. Any of the First responders can choose to respond and will come on their own vehicles and provide stabilization to the patient till the Ambulance arrives.



The training process will include identification of identify common emergencies, perform simple stabilization techniques to save the victim till Ambulance arrives. After the training sessions concluded the citizen becomes a part of the network. The founders were corporate employees and later quit their jobs to have a job that creates an impact on the society. Even though this job does not pay them as much as their corporate jobs the satisfaction that they derive from this job is higher and very important for them.



There are other facilities like finding nearby ambulances, hospitals, labs, pharmacy stores to seek help in emergency. You can create your own network of blood donors from people you know, so that you can reach out for the required blood group type when in need. You can also report a bad road, bad lighting, water clogging etc., using the App to make Indian roads safer.


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