You Must Check Out This Special Cafe In Hyderabad That Lets You Hangout with Your Pets!


Let’s all admit it! Whenever you’re out partying or hanging out, the only constant worrying thought in your mind is your dog’s sad eyes waiting for your arrival! Here’s a good news to you folks. A new cafe in Hyderabad will let you have a playful day out with your pet. ‘Cafe De Loco’ is a pet friendly cafe with special dog food available for your canine fried too.

The idea behind this cafe is the owner’s love for dogs and their efforts to make them have a good time just like us. Their constant complaint about not being able to take their pet along with them gave birth to this idea. We are welcomed by a tail wagging bundle of joy the moment we step in to this cafe.

The ambience is as interesting as the idea behind the cafe. It has a Goan feel with those shacks and the seating. Though located a mere of 200 meters away from one of the busy places in the city Gachibowli, it feels as if we’re suddenly thrown into a country surrounding. It is enormously spacious with a large play area for your pets. Special care is taken in the decor with materials like bamboo, Todi leaves and tandoor stoves. Chemicals are practically banned in this earthy cafe where paints and even mosquito repellents are nature friendly.

The staffs are also equipped to take care of our furry friends. The best part of it is that they serve food to both us and our pets. Pets have an exclusive menu for dogs which have an extravagant range from casual pet food to ‘Pedigree Biryani’ and sandwiches. No artificial flavours are used in making any dish here. Masala Chai, Cortado and Barklava are some must try dishes in this cafe!

A place where both you and your furry friend can make some new friends and chill. This stands as an example to show that our city is becoming pet friendly, which is an appreciable change!


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