This Heartbreaking Video Of A Hyd Man Speaking His Last Words Is The Sad Reality


‘Naaku oopiri addtaledhu, Bye nanna.’

These were the last words of a patient who died of corona in Hyderabad.

A heart breaking video of a man uttering his last words has been trending since yesterday. The more you know about his, The more it pains.

The man in the video is a 34 year old who was admitted at Government Chest Hospital, Hyderabad.

According to the reports, This video was recorded just a few hours before his death.

In the video he stated that, He was feeling breathless as the doctors had allegedly removed the ventilator support.

Here’s the video:


‘Oopiri aadtaledhu ante, Chepte kuda vinakunda bandh chesinru. Bratimilaadi ippatiki 3 gantalu ayyindi daddy. Naaku oopiri aadtaledhu. Gunde aagipoyindi. Bye daddy. Andariki bye daddy.’

These were the last of the man. Imagine what grief his father must be going through.

Minutes after sending the video to his father, He died.

The father of the patient stated that after they were denied admission by 10 private hospitals, they had no choice but to take him to a government hospital.


After performing his son’s last rites on Saturday, His father said,

“Why was my son denied oxygen? Did anyone else need it urgently and so they took it away from him? When I hear that video of my son, my heart breaks.”

The 34-year-old man was admitted on 24th June and had died on 26th of June.

But However, the hospital told The Hindu that the patient was on oxygen support but his heart issue lead to his collapse.

Mahaboob Khan, Chest Hospital Superintendent said,

“He was provided with oxygen support all the time and nasal prongs were seen in the video. The patient suffered from a heart attack which was induced by COVID-19.”


“We have come across such cases in the last few days. Usually, aged people die because of the collapse of the lungs infected by Covid-19. We are seeing a new phenomenon of people in the age group of 25-40 years succumbing because of viral infection in the heart. They are provided oxygen, but they feel it insufficient.”

“There was no fault on part of the doctors at all.”

Things happening around us are becoming really really scary. The virus isn’t gonna disappear anytime soon if our safety measures are at the same level. Hope the governments will look at speeding up the process effectively.


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