Here’s The List Of Self-Proclaimed Influential People Who Got Ripped By Babu Gogineni On Live TV!


Babu Gogineni is an Indian Humanist, rationalist, and human rights activist, who served as Executive Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. – Ila Wikipedia lo unna matter ni chepthe manollaku ekkakapovacchu. But “Dr.Gaali” ni live lo dhummu dhulipina hero ante takkuna gurthu padthaaru mana vaallu. The man, who seems unstoppable at the moment, has recently busted another self-proclaimed astrologer Venu Swamy on live TV.




This ‘busting’ process is no new to Babu Gogineni. “Religion is not the subject of this discussion. The topic here is fraud” antu…chala mandhini ..vaala fake and bogus acts ni expose chesaaru.. And he doesn’t just do it just like that – randomly.. Facts – numbers – proof – anni mundhu petti samadhanam cheppamantaaru.. Now, here’s a list of all those who couldn’t answer even a single logical question to Babu Gogineni and got busted on live Tv:


1. Mana most favourite – Pranic Healing Duo:
ABN channel live lo ‘No Touch No Drug’ therapy vishayam paina Babu Gogineni BP test chesi ..papam vaalanu VP chesaadu.. (prove chesadu).. Ee kindha video 4:00 min nundi chudandi..


2. SV Nagnath – “Astro Psychologist”
This happened just a couple of days ago, but anthaga baitiki raeledhu .. In this video, December 21 rojuna bhumi antham aipothundhi ani oka ‘self-proclaimed’ astro psychologist cheppina maatalki.. Babu Gogineni reply inkola untundhi… He first asks him which university has given him the degree ‘Astro Psychologist’.. Watch the video from 8:04 to see how Babu Gogineni rips off the man in question about his studies.


3. So called political astrologers:
During the Assembly elections in 2014, two astrologers Kiranmai Sharma and Srinivasa Murthy were in the studio with Babu Gogineni, besides few others who spoke over phone calls. Interestingly, 5 people (including callers) predicted the results using Astrology on that day. Four of them predicted Jagan’s victory and sadly for them the TDP came into power by winning the Assembly elections. Watch the video from 22:30 to see the ‘magic’.



4. Numerologist Nehru:
The debate happened on 9th September 2009. The significance of the day is the numbers in it : 9/9/9. When asked about its speciality, numerologist Nehru cheppina matalaku Babu Gogineni ichina simple statement “Time chaala undi..Pani leni vaallu kurchoni ila numbers tho aadukuntaru..” Interestingly, the numerologist claimed that cancer can be cured by numerology. Kindha video lo 12:00th minute nundi chudandi.. The way he starts off with a mind boggling question …Sachin first ball six kottinappudu kalige aanandam tho samanam..



5. Numerologist Nehru – part 2
Rendo saari kuda book ayina Nehru ni meeru chusthe – mamul ga undadhu.. Watch the video from 4:50.. This video doesn’t need any more discussion.



6. Religious Preachers:
Mahilalanu konni temples loki enduku anumathinchatledhu anna debate paina.. Manjula Sri and Asifuddin Mohammed ni live debate lo.. “asalu leni devudi gurinchi ee discusision ento naku ardam kaavatledhu” ani start chesi.. how women are being neglected by the society and what is going wrong with the society antu Gogineni garu cheppindhi aayana maatallone chudandi (from 18:20):



Besides, Babu Gogineni also gave some brilliant speeches about Vaastu, Numerology and the wrong belief that they inculcate among innocent people. Here are few of his best speeches:






Ee madhya prathi gottam gaalanu tv lo chusi “Enti ee madya Tv-lo ekkkuva kanpadthunnaadu ani ankuntunaam..” But manaku news debates lo kavalsindhi Sutthi gaallu.. Roja poollu kaadhu.. Babu Gogineni lanti vaallu.. Fake babas, fake doctors ni mee antha class ga evvaru rip cheyaleru sir..


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