24/7 Buses Even In Lockdown: Here’s Everything About Telangana RTC’s New Timings & Availability


Naku thelisi asalu ee lockdown lo intlo safe ga untunna mana andharikante bayata ekkado intiki dhooram ga untunna vallaki ekkuva kastani ichindi, transport leka naduchukuntu velle migrant workers nunchi hostels lo struck ayina students dhaka andharu valla intini intlo vallani miss avthu unnaru…

Lockdown 4.0 lo particular timings and limited seatings tho konni buses ki permission icharu, but idhi summer avvadam tho and curfew time evening 7 lopu destination reach avvali kabati ivvi andharki use kaleka pothunnai, ila present unna anni problems ni dhrusti lo pettukoni Telangana Government RTC busses ni night curfew time lo kuda available undela decision thiskunnaru….


• RTC buses are exempted from the Curfew restrictions


• RTC buses will be allowed to reach their destination during the curfew times. Taxies, Autos and other passenger vehicles will be allowed at the bust stands. Police will not stop passengers from having the bus ticket to travel by their own cars.


• Buses coming from districts are leaving passengers at the JBS. From Thursday, buses will also drop passengers at the Imliban.


• Since Hyderabad city has a large number of Corona cases, city buses will not be in service for some more days.


Situations koncham bayanga unna anni control lone unnai anukunta, the time has arrived… we all should live with corona, mana necessity kosamo economy kosamo things are getting normal and mana regular life start cheyalsina time vachindi…


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Ippude inka ekkuva jagratha lu thiskovali manam, anni availabilities unna avasaram aythe ne bayataki vellandi, maintain social distance and compulsory ga mask veskondi, eppatiki appudu hands ni alcohol sanitizer tho wash cheyandi….

Stay safe, Stay hydrated…


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