Meet The Telugu Calvin, ‘Budugu’ Who Made Our Childhood So Much Fun!

(Article idea and picture inputs by Samarendranath Soory)


They defined Telugu culture in their own little way. If there was a way to present the average lifestyle of a native Telugu family, this would be it. And no one would ever deny it. Bapu- Mullapudi Venkataramana, a duo that weaved magic, with their respective talents built a whole imaginary world around an imaginary character called Budugu. This little guy with his imaginative, naughty, talkative and sometimes wise words, made an incredible impact on the Telugu reader.


Being able to conceive of a concept as such and making it seem so real and alive; so much so that the character actually feels like a three year old writing a book, represents the literary genius that Bapu and Ramana can be, combined. With the simplest possible use of words, the book feels like a child talking to you about his life in all his innocence and purity.


Here’s remembering some of his quirks.


First of all, Budugu’s Basic vocabulary simplified.


Kuto – Photo
Anumaanam – Insult
Avamaanam – Doubt (no, this is how he understands it)
Seegana Pesoonamba – Sri Gyana Prasoonaamba
Jaatar Dhamaal! – Unknown but used to offend people.


Budugu’s numbers


1. Okati
2. Inkoti
3. Phadi
4. Vanda
5. One
6. Two
and so on!


Meet his family, Amma, nannaru, baammoyy, Privetu maashtaaru, laavupaati pinni garu, babai, babai manasulo rendu jeLLa seetha. And the cute little girl beside him is his innocent crush, Seegana Pesoonaamba.



Never misses out on the morals.

CB B 2


Also doesn’t miss his babai sneaking out to meet his love. Although no one takes him seriously!

CB B 3


But he has his own interests. 😉

CB B 4


Apple of Baamma’s eye! Won’t let privatu maashtaaru twist his ear!

CB B 5


Learn the ways of the world from Budugu himself!

CB B 7


And some more!

CB B 8


The facts of life presented to us the way a three year old would see it!

CB B 9


Jaatar Dhamaaal!!

CB B 9


This article doesn’t even scratch the surface of how awesome the actual book is indeed.


If you haven’t read the book yet, you’re missing out. If you don’t know how to read Telugu, our mother tongue, then learn it. It’s certainly worth the effort.


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