Reactions Of Biddalu Who Don’t Understand Anything About Budget, Seeing Budget 2022 News


Naaku bike kavali dady..


Budget ledhu ra, tharvatha chudham le..

Asalu ee budget ane word vini vini visugu vachesindi mowa, intlo edhi adigina budget ledhu ra ane oka common dialogue mana parents nunchi vintune unnam, ippudu latest ga TV news channels lo kuda adhe vintunna, ika ivala ela ayina ah muchata ento thelusukundam ani Budget news motham follow ayina mowa.. So matter ipaatike ardham ayindi kadha, If you don’t know anything about budget and watched today news, ee article meekosame, oh look eyandi..

Me & my bios going to watch Budget News 2022

Me during Budget announcement:

By the end of Budget speech:

My friend:

Budget news chusav kadha, em anipinchindi ra..?


My CA friend:

Achaa, antha ardham ayindaa.. Sarey aythe maaku explain cheyi ra


Ardham avvaledhu ane asalu em cheparu ra ani aduguthunna mowa..

My CA friend after explaining all about budget:

Pichi edhavaluu.. Nenu lekapothe ela brathukutharoo entoo

Me after the explanation of Budget highlights:

Nakem ardham kale mowa, in fact naku ippude inka ekkuva confusion undi

Me watching experts talk about Budget 2022 on YouTube:

My friend who invest in Cryptocurrency after seeing new digital taxes news:

Ayooooo Naa Bitcoinnnnnnnnuuu

Me who don’t know anything about crypto and listening this word for the first time in my life..

Budget 2022:

RBI will introduce Central Digital Rupee in this year.

My brother who invest in digital currency:


Digital currency ante UPI payment eh kadha..?

Oh kadhaa @#$

Budget 2022:

Mental Health is more important, will introduce Television programs on mental health.

Whole India:

Me, finally at the end of the day.

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