This Woman’s Musings About ‘Brochevarevarura’ Album Will Hit You Right In The Feels


Contributed by Usha Vavveti

Brochevarevarura is undoubtedly my mosttt favourite album of 2019, also one of the most underrated albums ever, PERIOD. There isn’t a single day that passes by for me without listening to this album, also the best one from Vivek Sagar till date I would say. Everything about the album is such a bliss. Be it the composition, the lyrics, the renditions and most importantly the fusion of different kinds of genres put together in one album make it one amazing and versatile album. Haven’t got hooked to any album recently they way I got hooked to Brochevaruevarura.


1. Vaale Chinukule – Penned by Hasith Goli, Rendered by Sooraj Santhosh

Vaale Chinukule song is all about the life of a young and aspiring director going all ways to make his project happen with equally beautiful visuals montages of Vishal aka Satyadev & then his friend who’s trying to put sense into the head as it’s his first movie but yet supports his friend in the best way to get him whatever he needs. This song has amazingly penned lyrics and has my heart, yet my most favourite lines in the song are got to be


“Thelani thaguvadhi kaasthatu thalonchu
Melani manakidhi varinchuu
Nee kalalanu aa kathalanu netiketokato saaganivvaaley”

These lines sum up hope & life for me, damnnn!

When I get cranky, this is one song that literally has been calming me down for a while now.


2. Putukku Zara Zara – Penned by Hasith Goli, Rendered by Anthony Dasan, Balaji Dake & Vivek Sagar

Putukku Zara Zara song is the new age folk song amazingly done by Vivek Sagar. This song basically introduces us to Sree Vishnu (Rahul) , Priyadarshi (Rocky) and Rahul Ramakrishna (Rambo ) and establishes what they are, how they are, who they are. I totally love how the song is picturized with those very subtle expressions. 3R is basically all of us when we are around our best buddies. Totallyyyy love them in the song. Love the way how it basically pumps up the mood and make us go crazy in our own ways. Love the lyrics of this which are entirely different from the other song the same lyricist has penned for. My favourite lines would be

“Poneera vadhileyanteyy alaa ginjukuntaavey
Kaaneera kanapadadhantey maree mondikesthaavey
Kannu sinna sesthunna sandu gondhu susthunna
Anthu sikkakunnaadhey maashtaaru, arey anthey sikkugunnaadhey mee theeru”

Any given day this song will just pump up your mood and make you go insane!


3. Doragari – Penned by Bharadwaj, Rendered by Vivek Sagar

Doragari song is a melody with a folk twist I would say. Again beautifully rendered by Vivek Sagar himself. Doragari song is all about Nivetha Thomas (Mithra) and how she becomes friends with Rahul, Rocky & Rambo. Amazingly portrayed visually. Every girl in some or the other way relates to Mithra and route for her just in this song and then travels with her throughout the film. Below are my favourite lines from the song

“Neethoti thiragaalantu mabbuley yentapadipovaa
Nee bugga nimaraalantoo sukkaley nela digiraava”

The play of words in this song just seems effortless but leave their mark in our heads subconsciously making in one of the most loved songs from the album.


4. Talapu Talupu – Penned by Ramajogaiah Sastry Darivemula, Rendered by Vandana Srinivasan

Talapu Talupu song is just absolute beauty one should have in their playlist that can go well with a breeze evening that takes you down on the memory lane. This song is all about Nivetha Pethuraj (Shalini) & Vishal starting as work acquaintances, from there become friends and from their bringing out what Shalini feels for hidden between Shalini and Vishal in Brochevarevarura. Coming to the lyrics this would be one of my mosttttt favourite songs ever from Ramjo garu. That rendition by Vandana Srinivasan just adds beauty to the song in sync with the composition and instrumentation, that flute bit towards the end is to die for mannn. My pick of lines from this song are

“Rojantha adhey dhyaanam thana perey anelaa
Choosthooney marolaaga maaraanelaa”
“Mudipadinaa saripadunaa iruvuri sahavaasam jathapadunaa
Jagamey idhenti anadhuga ayomayamlo unna adho maayagaa “

Two phrases from the songs coz love it to bits and cannot decide which one to pick, that is what the song does to us.


5. Vagalaadi – Penned by Hasith Goli, Rendered by Vivek Sagar, Balaji Dake, Ram Miriyala (ChowRaasta) and Manisha Eerabathini

Vagalaadi is the most quirkiest song from the album in every way possible. This is one hell of a crazy composition from Vivek Sagar which makes you just trip about it every single time you listen. Vagalaadi literally makes me feel like dancing. It’s all about what happens when Rahul, Rocky & Rambo decide to help Mithra out when she has is in a situation. Composition wise I have always wondered what all instruments did even Vivek Sagar use to get this output, smallest of details if observed just make me go woahhh about this song. Coming to the lyrics I can totally imagine how much fun it could have been for the team brainstorming for the lyrics of the song. Every line in the song tells about the wittiness of Mithra and even compliments the visuals of the song in with each and every frame. In that terms Hasith, you ROCK! My most favourite lines from this song would be

“Vetakelley seethapathi thappipothey adhogathi
Sinthapandey ro bhoopathy angadey nee sangathi”

Vagalaadi is the best composition from the album & is LUB.


6. Brochevare – Penned by Krishna Kanth, Rendered by Anurag Kulkarni

Brochevare is the soul-wrenching song in the album where each character in the film knock every door possible to find the right solution to escape out of the situation they have and save their dear ones in the whole process. This song will make you feel for each one of the character and route for them. This amazingly composed song is sung by another amazing singer Anurag Kulkarni, his versatility in the office is the most beautiful thing about the guy. Love each and every line from this song but if I have to pick something, in particular, that would be

“Thelavaarithey brathukedhani bari daatuthu thelavaarani
Nallamabbedho kappesi dhaarey moose veley
Ninu Brochevaareleruley thudhu leni aatey maayaley”

Brochevare song causes a small distress in our hearts yet we feel pumped with those beats


7. Chalaname Chitramu – Penned by Krishna Kanth, Rendered by Bhadra Aliveni

Chalanamey Chithramu is basically the soul of Brochevarevarura I must say. We all would want Shalini & Vishal to come together halfway through the film for the wonderful bond they share and route for them. This song is about all of that we all wanted where Shalini proposes Vishal in the hospital and we all just hoped he said yes. The most amazing thing about this song is such a soothing tune and soulful rendition by Bhadra. Lyrics by Krishna Kanth are on point that speaks what goes in a girl’s head when she is head over heels for someone and had to propose in a scenario where Shalini proposes Vishal. My most favourite lines from this song are

“Theganidhey ee bhaaram cherithey dhooram
Atu itu ee beram thagu samayam kalatha mayam
Chalanamey Chithramu Chithramey Chalanamu”


Chalaname Chitramu is that song you should definitely have in all your playlists!

Go listen to Brochevarevarura album now and let us know which song you love the most. In case if you already knew about it and love it just listen to the album once again right now. And here is the Beautiful rendition of Brochevarevarura…


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