Here’s How This 44-Yr Old Woman Is Breaking Stereotypes And Is Running Marathon’s In A Saree!


The story of a woman, who took part in a marathon wearing a Saree for a cause is indeed an Inspiration. A woman from Hyderabad decided to go against the regulars and ran a marathon clad in a saree. This caught the interest of all the spectators; she stood as the topic of discussion. Despite the discomfort we presume, she looked quite comfortable competing against 20,000 runners and covered a total distance of 42 km in a Saree.


She, when questioned about it, said that she wanted to break all the odds of convention and decided to participate in a complete traditional Indian wear with even sandals and bindi. The major motto behind this is to promote handlooms and encourage women. Originally a cyclist, she was often disturbed by the sight of all the plastic pollution happening around us. Speaking about this she feels that to make people aware of this, she’s planning to run the next marathon in a Saree made of plastic wrappers that people throw.


Acting as a source of inspiration, she also said that she wished to run the marathon barefoot but the stones on the way hurt her and she had to wear some footwear. The added attraction was her company Uday Bhaskar Dandamudi, who was initially her cycling companion, ran this marathon in a dhoti. He did this as a sign of showing respect to her and her motto.


Her next project is to take it to the next level. Her next step is to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by winning the title for running the fastest marathon in a saree. Woman such are truly an inspiration to the society. In a country where gender stereotyping is very common, she set an example by thinking and acting out of the box. The reason that she did this to prove a point makes it more appreciable!


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