Here’s The Incredible Journey Of ‘BRB’ and Its Recipes That Every Bachelor Would Love To Try Out!


Bachelor Room Lo Bawarchi. Oka 3 bachelors. Andhulo okadu devudu laga time ki thindi pette chef. And vaalla madhya jarige unlimited fun. Ee story almost mana lo chala bachelor rooms lo common ga ne jaruguthu untundhi. Mana gang lo kuda oka Prankster Prakash untadu. Oka manchi vanta vachina Rishi kuda untadu. Basic ga cheppalante idhi oka real life ni reflect chese relatable story anamata.

And what’s more special about this series is, ee show chuse vallalo unique vantala kosam chuse fans ekkuve ani cheppali. No surprise there. So eh mathram late cheyakunda, ee year Bachelor Room lo Bawarchi episodes lo the best recipes for all the bachelors out there.


1. Sambar Maggi


2. Bachelor Fried Rice


3. Paneer Chicken Curry


4. Kurkure Bhel-Bread Samosa


5. OATS Paravannam


6. Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice


7. Indian Pancakes


8. Chocolate Cake (using electric cooker)


9. Budget Biryani


10. Coffee Gulab Jamun


11. Aaloo Cakes with Palak Raita


12. Potato Rice Balls


13. Maggi Sandwich (with Kettle)


14. Egg Chat


15. Creamy Mushroom and Fried Rice


16. Beer Chicken


17. Bachelor Cocktails


18. Quick Samosa Chat


19. Shahi Tukda


20. Butter Nann Pizza


21. Chicken Frankie


22. Dum Aaloo


If you guys haven’t checked out yet, here’s latest coverge of our ‘BRB’ boys on ‘New Indian Express’. And for those who regularly follow Bachelor Room lo Bawarchi(BRB), tomorrow’s episode is a special one. Do not miss it at 12:30PM tomorrow.


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