Presenting The Final Episode ‘Butter Lemon Prawns’ Of “Bachelor Room Lo Bawarchi”!


Yes! You read it right. “Butter Lemon Prawns” is the final episode from our cooking series “Bachelor Room Lo Bawarchi”! Mana series lo Rishi Goa pothunnadu, Rajesh higher studies ani US velthunnadu.. Arun gadu dikku thochaka kottukuntunadu.. However, vaadini Prankster cheyalane thought tho mana Rishi and Rajesh – Arun gadini Rambabu paiki odhulthaaru .. Aa tarvatha em jarigindi – ela ‘end’ aindho theliyalante video chudandi..
PS: Thank you for the continuous support and love you bachelors showered on our series.. We end this season, but promise to come back strong with a new concept very soon!



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