Here Are 11 Advertising Agencies to Follow on Instagram For Their Kick-Ass Marketing Campaigns


General ga Memes antey FB page admins and editors vesthuntaru, but Big brands just marketing ae kakunda humour and creativity ni kuda add chesi attract chesthunaru. FB, Instagaram & Twitter lo vila Social media accounts lo Memes ki separate fans untaru. Konni telsina famous brands to follow for fun


1. Durex

Veela timing and double meaning Jokes ki top notch lo untundi


2. Fevicol

From Childhood ippatiki, valla Marketing team humour sense and work aytey super

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3. Vicks

Recent ga marketing memes veyadam start chesaru and doing their best


4. Netflix

Valla own web series and movies paina ultimate situational memes vestharu


5. Kitkat

Kit Kat bars tho Artistic memes vestharu


6. Amazon Prime Video

News ni kuda memes la vesthuntaru


7. Man Force

Veela style eh veru, adult comedy movie scenes la untundi


8. Brand Factory

Veella Battalu gurinchi vodu kani but memes matram quality untundi


9. Beardo

Topic deviate cheyakunda Memes ni Beard ki realate chestaru


10. Dr. Fixit

Fevicol memes ki close competitor


11. Amul

May be the most loved and the First to start, All rounder Funny memes tho paatu message oriented Art works untundi.


Meku telsina Meme making brands untey comment below


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