It Is High Time Someone Starts A Campaign To Boycott The Exorbitant Popcorn Prices In Multiplexes!


Now a days buying movie tickets are cheaper than buying a tub of popcorn in multiplexes. Every time a family of 4 goes to watch the latest movie in a multiplex, they end up spending about 1500 of which only 600 is the ticket cost. Do we really need to pay so much for this?

People are comparing this to an organised mafia. The actual cost of these packs of popcorn should be not more than Rs 50, that includes various other costs involved. Vendors can charge Rs 20 or Rs 30 more, but they are easily charging 300 per cent of the cost. An average show at one screen has at least 200 people and if 100 people buy this popcorn, they easily make Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 in just one show; Vendors are currently earning in Lakhs per day.

Government has to enter into it have to control this mafia. A campaign is currently underway to boycott popcorn consumption in movie theaters. At least try to put a cap on how much multiplexes can charge.

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