What If Boyapati Directs 2.0? These Mind Bending Scenes Will Make Even Chitti Cry


Okko director ki okka style and vallaki oka success formula untundhi..so vallu a genres lo comfortable ga movies theesthu, raise authunna expectations ki reach authu , vallani abhimaninche set of audience ki kavalsina stuff isthu untaru & we the audience love them for what they are. Ala Telugu cienma abhimanulu abhimaninche Directors lo Boyapati garu okaru. Okavela adhe Boyapati garu 2.0 movie theesthe ?. Andhuke ee article. Have fun.


P.S: This is light hearted article written only and only for fun. Plis hurt avvodhu, Jai Boyapati, Jai Jai gravity.



Title would be Vinaya Vidheya Chitti.



Very 1st scene and I know that u guys can predict it. Ok Chitti ready aa, Emma Chinn ok a …ACTION. Robo transforms into a giant lion…



Very 1st pakshulu anni radiation valla chacchipovatam chusi thattukoledu Akshay. Its time to leave earth anukuni, thanu penchukunna pakshulani kuda space loki theesukelthadu. Aa pakshulaki space suite ledhu kabatti avi kuda chanipothayi. Appudu ” Asalu nannu Earth ni vadhilela chesindhi , space lo pakshula death ki cause humans ae ani” fix aipothadu. Rocket lo petrol aipovatam valla Earth ki raleka.. kaneesam satellites anna chustahyemo ani Moon meedha placards tho campaign chesthadu.



( Now in English language, coz this is multilingual film )
As no one is able to see him, he gets depressed & commits suicide by jumping into nothing…he spins so fast in space that his aura gets separated from his body. ( Aura is nothing but attitude, coz Boya garu). His -ve aura travels back to earth. Its beyond science..coz all Boya gari films are beyond science.



Amy Jackson waiting for Chitti since its birth, with artificial, holographic tears in its eyes.



Meanwhile…although Amy is a Robot , she often eats sambar and cracks humorless jokes. She comes to know that there is a new threat called Pakshi Raj in town. She cries soo loudly that the dismantled Chitti fixes himself up.



Chitti Entry

Chitti wears half-hands ( mostly khaddar) chokka, showing off its biceps and triceps. He also unbuttons the top button coz he has to show off his bare steel chest. Annnd of course its in slow motion carrying some sort of weapon made out of Boyabranium. This weapon is designed to break the laws of Physics.



The fight scenes would’ve been choreographed by Ram Laxman. Chtti goes towards the villain. The villain is already in air, this confuses Chitti. So, Chitti has a nervous breakdown. So he tries to escape from this situation. He reaches a temple where he sees Amy doing somersaults (coz why not!?) with that artificial tears in her eyes asking Chitti to save Vasi. ( she does somersaults for 2-3 days without any charge)



She tells Chitti that he is th only ‘Varasudu‘ of Vasi as Aishwarya went off somewhere to pursue her studies ( Which is good thing ) & Vasi is fed up being in a long distance relationship. So his hopes are all on Chitti. Hearing this Chitti gets emotional.



But its too late, Pakshi Raj finds chitti and beats the shit out of him. He disconnects Chittis Kaal. He says dialogues like ‘ Eco system meedha debba koduthu enjoy chesthunnarra, nen rananukunnara ralenu anukunnara, egiri thanthe mee system permanent ga shut down aipoddhi



All of sudden from nowhere Chinni comes to the rescue, flying on ranguski. As Pakshi Raj’s parents died of Dengue he hates Mosquitoes. So, Pakshi Raj backs off.

Chinni asks Pakshi Raj ” Rei akki pakshi, cinema inka 1 hr undhi..back off avvatam manesi, back story cheppu. Ledhante pavuganta lo champesi, 20 nimishallo pudchestha “.



Akki Pakshi starts narrating his flash back, he says ” My father and mother liked crying a lot for no reason at all. The only way of escaping from that sadness is by listening to the cuckoo’s sound in the wild yet depleting forest which is not far away from my home. I discovered the sounds of many others birds which used to soothe me. The years passed and i didn’t hear the birds chirping for some days. I went in to the forest to see what happened and baffled to find there is no forest left. I found that people have replaced trees with cell towers. I felt bad about it so i went far away from humans and travelled to top of a mountain & settled in a remote area with my birds. All was good for sometime. But one day i saw someone building a cell tower in that area for 4G signals. There is no point, as there were no cell phones out there. I asked them the same but they replied F@#k Logic“. ” The rest is History.



Chinni gets emotional hearing Akki pakshis story…. Suddenly with a dramatic change of base voice ..Akki Pakshi Says ” Ee janalu pittalni kalchi, kalchuku thinnaru..ippudu nenu ee janalani pittalni kalchinattu kalustha, pitta rettantha kuda leni ninnu nalipestha” and starts shooting. One bullet strikes Amy and damages the MPU. She then yells ” Chinnii..chip dobbindhi “. Chinni replies “2 seconds lo vastha“.



The climate changes out of the blue, there will be a huge thunderstorm.. Chinni dodges bullets and there will be a marana mass fight with dappula BGM. Chinni somehow gets hold of Boyabranium and uses the weapon on Akki Pakshi Raj and hurts him.



Chinni then says ” Pitta kadhalu pittalake cheppu, pitta size lo unna puliki kaadhu “. He calls the other nanobot chinni’s. They form into a huge LION and kicks Pakshi Raj into the temple. As pakshi raj is full of negative aura, the postive aura of the temple neutralizes him. SUBHAM.

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