Want To Be A Part Of Next Big Thing In The World Of Virtual Reality . . .? Here’s How!


Put together by Artists, Game Developers, VR Enthusiasts, Startup Founders & Industry Experts – BonfireVR is a platform dedicated to accelerate the growth of a healthy, diverse VR ecosystem through events, education, and services. Here in BonfireVR they talk about program, share and demonstrate software, hardware, and ideas for the upcoming new wave of reality. Whether you’re a VR/AR pro who spends hours in the virtual worlds on a daily basis or someone who’s never seen a VR headset, these meetups are for everyone. Each month they bring in experts and speakers from companies who are pioneering VR/AR and also feature demos of VR/AR products crafted by local developers.


Whether it’s your first VR experience or you want to dive deep into VR development or you want to get around geeks to discuss the latest trends from the evolving world of VR/AR, Bonfire VR meetup is where you need to be! The first meetup of bonfire VR took place this week and many VR enthusiasts has participated in it. The panel includes representatives from Raasta studios, The Cirqus, Archimaze, Collab house, Loop Reality and WTA studios. Each of them discussed about the basics of how to start and get excelled in VR platform.


VR is something which gained a lot of focus these days. From movies to games, everything includes VR. Now a days few of the corporate companies and startups are using this technology to ensure that customers can experience their products virtually. Through bonfire VR, one can get a clear idea of how to start and where to start in order to excel in VR world. There are lot of free sources where you could download and start working in developing a visual wonder. Google and YouTube are some good sources that will always guide us in making our works better. Through this meetups the people in the community wants to connect with more VR enthusiasts.


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