Unique Record For Vizag’s Rushikonda Beach: Everything About The Blue Flag Certification Of The Beach


Mana telugu states lo tourism anagane ekkuvga gurthoche places lo Vizag compulsory untadi. Vizag lo beaches chala famous, ah beaches annitlo mana Rushikonda Beach inka famous..

Koncham dhooram ga unna peaceful ga kasepu spend cheyali ra ani anukunte Vizag lo first gurthoche place adhe manaki, dhani viluva akkada visit chesina vallaki and mana vizag prajalake thelusthadi..


Ippati nunchi Ika Rushikonda Beach gurinchi only maname kadhu motham world eh matldeskuntaru, it gained a world class recognition and bags Blue Flag Certification.



Asalu Blue Flag Certification ante enti..?

Blue Flag Certification anedhi beach, marina, or sustainable boating tourism operator ki best eco label ga serve chesthunnaduku iche recognition. This certification is awarded by the Denmark-based non-profit Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Blue Flag beaches are considered the cleanest beaches in the world.

Villu world motham lo unna beaches ni konni criteria wise ga measure chesi best vatiki ee certification istharu..


The criteria for getting the certification are

1. The beach should be plastic and pollution free

2. Equipped with waste management system.

3. Ensure safety to visitors

4. Provide bathing showers with clean water

5. Cafeteria and international facilities for visitors

6. Parking space

7. Environmental education for beach users and a few others..


Mana Rushikonda tho patu motham 8 Indian beaches ki ee certification vachindi..

1. Shivrajpur in Gujarat

2. Ghoghla in Daman & Diu

3. Kasarkod in Karnataka

4. Padubidri beach in Karnataka

5. Kappad in Kerala

6. Rushikonda in Andhra Pradesh

7. Golden beach of Odisha

8. Radhanagar beach in Andaman and Nicobar.


Attracts foreign tourists

Blue flag certification beaches ki world wide manchi tourism scope untadi. Clean and eco label kabati holiday spot ki water sports and beach lovers ki best hotspot avthadi..


Rs 7.3 crore has been spent on Rushikonda beach.

Blue flag certification standards ki thaggatu undali ani mana Rushikonda beach ni Government Rs 7.3 Cr anni equipment and infrastructure facilities tho develop chesindi..


This project includes..

Facilities like bio-toilet blocks, grey water treatment, water vending kiosks for provision of purified water, solar treatment facilities, construction of walking and jogging tracks, bathing area and a solid waste management unit were provided at Rushikonda as part of the project.


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