Next Time You Give Yourself A Reason Not To Donate Blood, Make Sure You Watch This Video!

Let’s talk facts here; Blood Donation is still a taboo in our society. Even in the 21st century, we wallow in a pit of ignorance telling ourselves a lot of myths, that it’s unhealthy and you can contract diseases, that one becomes weak after donation, and so on.
But the truth is, thousands of people die because of lack of blood availability in our country. Only when it comes to our family or our friends, we start caring. Maybe not even then, sometimes.
We as Telugu people need to get out of this comfortable zone filled with myths and second-hand rumors. You can be a savior, a hero in someone’s life. And even if you don’t get the credit, it’ll make you happy. Isn’t that enough?

Praveen Nuthalapati and co., have done a commendable job on this video ‘Blood दो Nation’. The interesting title itself piqued our attention; and the film is a moving tale and a call-to-action rolled into one. Kudos on the amazing work!

Source: Silly Monks Tollywood.
We at Chai Bisket felt we should go out and donate blood now, cuz it’s been a while. Meeru eppudu velthunnaru mari?

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