If You’re A Bike Enthusiast Then You Must Checkout These 15 Bad-ass Bike Clubs In Hyderabad!


Riding a bike is not always about reaching our destination from one place to another, sometimes it’s about the journey we embark on. Balancing our body, soul and bike at the same time and cruising through the black tarmac on a sunny day is a common dream for every real rider. But, with the ever-growing traffic menace and the daily hustle and bustle of the other commuters we can hardly ever enjoy a proper ride in our city.

The feeling of owning a mean machine and riding it with the thumping sound of our bike’s engine and exhaust blaring through the streets is just priceless, to have such experience bike clubs are the only remedy. Here’s the list of all the major bikers clubs in Hyderabad which will help you live your dream of a long organized ride.


Gixxer Club Hyderabad
This is an exclusive club for all Suzuki Gixxer Bike Owners In Hyderabad, you can checkout their facebook page for regular event updates and drives organised.


Hyderabad Bikers Club
One of the prominent bike clubs in hyderabad.


KTM Owners Group Hyderabad
An exclusive group for KTM Duke owners in Hyderabad, from race day events to regular drives you can find them almost in every major event in Hyderabad.


Moto Wings
A group of enthusiastic riders who are passionate about everything related to motorcycles and racing.


Matadors Motorcycle Club


Naked Wolves Hyderabad


Rs 200 Club Hyderabad


Vintage Bikers Club
If you are a fan of vintage bikes then this should be your choice. From Yezdi To Jawa, Diesel Enfield To RD350 you can find anything and everything.


Triumph Motor Cycle Riders Hyderabad


Wolfe Pack
This is India’s first Pan-India Motorcycle Club based in Hyderabad and was founded on 26th February 2011


Xtreme Bikers Club


Wind Chasers


Bajaj Avengers Club Another exclusive group in Hyderabad which is only for “Avenger Bike” owners.


Bikers Brotherhood Club – Hyderabad
This notorious bikers gang has its wings spread across major cities in India and has a group in Hyderabad too.


Hyderabad Royals
Hyderabad Royals also called HRBC is a bullet owners/aspirants club from the twin cities of nawabs!


The images have been sourced from the internet and Motor Bikes India If we did miss any clubs let us know in the comments below.


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