Meet The Bike Mechanic Whose “Bike Ambulance” Is Saving Hundred’s Of Lives In Emergency Situations!

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Every day we see at least one ambulance stuck in the traffic and hope that the people inside reach hospital on time. As we pray for them, a mechanic in Hyderabad took a step ahead and came out with an innovative idea. He devised a Bike Ambulance that has the basic facilities similar to that of a normal ambulance, including an oxygen cylinder for the patients in a serious condition.

Mohammed Shahzore Khan, the man behind this brilliant idea is just another common mechanic and owner of a workshop for customised motorcycles located in Nampally. This idea came into being after Khan was deeply moved by the story of Ramulu, a 53-year-old beggar, who carried his wife’s dead body on his shoulders until he found a pushcart on his way, which he pulled till Vikarabad, only to find himself exhausted physically and emotionally. He eventually asked passersby for help and money so that he could take the body of his deceased wife to the village. Most of us must have sympathised with this story but Khan empathised with this and came up with the idea of a bike ambulance.

His main aim was to create an affordable ambulance to the poor. His inspiration is his father who made customised bikes for people with physical disabilities. He wanted them to feel independent and make their life easy. Since then Khan has spent most of his time in his garage modifying bikes and carrying his father’s dreams forward in this form.

His current priority is to reach out to all medical centres that do not have the appropriate medical facilities and provide them with this mini-ambulance. He has been providing his ambulance services to small hospitals in rural areas. The making of this ambulance cost him a little more than Rs 1 lakh. This is just the first model and his team is planning on working on another design and start from the scratch so as to make the ambulance more affordable and well equipped.


He feels that the advantage of bike ambulance is that it can easily navigate even through a packed traffic. Most ambulances are stuck in traffic during critical hours and many lives are lost due to this. So to prevent this situation, an bike ambulance is an easy solution.

Shahzore is a true inspiration for us and is a sheer example that any skill or talent we possess – can be used to the benefit of common people.!!


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