What If.. BB-2 Contestants Were Authors? Here’s How Their Books Would Look Like.Part-2.


Title chadivesaru ga. Idhe mana Part-2. Inka Sootiga.. Sutthi lekunda, valla books ento chuseddham. Scroll cheyyandi Mari…

P.S: Tag lines miss avvakandi..


1. Kaushal:

Everyone is a culprit.


2. Roll Rida:

The Rapper you know, the Rahul you don’t.


3. Nandini:

The Art of doing Nothing.


4. Bhanusri:

The rise of #Bharmy (Bhanu Army).


5. Shyamala.

One woman, many Recipes.


6. Amit:

A complete guide to Manchithanam.


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