What If… Telugu Bigg Boss Show Is Compared To Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi Movie!


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As Bigg Boss enters Day 16, here’s another funny take on the reality show. This is a wacky comparison of the Bigg Boss show to Rajinikanth’s superhit movie ‘Chandramukhi’!


(kalpana thanani captain la oohinchukundi
kalpana captain la nilchundi
kalpana poorthi ga captain la maarindi)
Although we knew Kalpana as a very emotional, helping, caring and motherly team member, i’m sure all of us were surprised by the way she behaved after being selected as the captain of the house. She always showed multiple emotions and her expressions changed within fraction of seconds as if someone possessed on her. Kind of split personality. (JK)

Now this guy in the house is always suspicious and most of the time acts as a detective, who is meant to observe everyone in the house. He’s got that special talent of letting the other members of the house spill some tea over others. But, he seems like he wants the captain position right from day1.

(Nenem cheyyaledandi.nannu sikshinchakandi _/\_ )
Archana in the house is a gossip queen. Ofcourse this doesn’t have anything to do with Durga. She is always that blame bearer – be it in the case of madhupriya, kartheeka, kalpana or whoever it is. She gets blamed all the time…..like all the time!

I think in the entire Bigg boss house if there’s someone who’s acting right from the day 1, it is Hari Teja. No one has a clue what is running in her mind. She’s someone who’s really clever and smart when it comes to maintaining the relationship with the members of the house. She’s a good dancer who doesn’t have a big role in stealing the TRP (oopsie loopsie). So the character Chandramukhi is given to her!

Silent but violent. Nothing much to say but playing good till now.All the beshtu

Obviously he’s someone who’s handsome(atleast in the team), smart, and the only unmarried guy.So no better option that to make him the gunasekhar of the house, though he had a small fight with our chandramukhi 😛

Obviously because Mahesh kathi is Vishwanath(haha). Mumaith Khan has been so far a very attached individual in the house and it’s good to see her after a long time. She stole the hearts of audience with special songs in films and also now in the BB house. (nenu…..naa dhanna…..ippude kaavali….nenu balli….ippude raavali)

8. KARTHEEKA- Thota mali
She is right for this role because there aren’t much dialogues or action sequences but cleaning the house and deciding whether to use broom or brush.The Thota mali (gardener ofcourse!!)

Our Eshwar friend Kailash i.e…, Sameer’s friend Shiva balaji. He’s silent, rebellious (at times) and most of the time just a casual man who doesn’t involve much in to politics. So yeah!!! lets give him Kailash’s role.

10.MADHU PRIYA- Nazar’s younger daughter
She’s definitely someone who is not supposed to be in this cinema except for the fact that she should be casted in the films like puttintiki raa chelli, gorintaaku. aithey enti naaku etc….but yea for now lets ask her to be that “aththindom” girl….

-We never heard of him before but for sure we’re gonna watch him on big screen. His dance OMG his dance <3 hahahaha......He is the perfect for the role vishwanath,,,.......y? because dances well.....like obviously....you know what i mean!!!

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