BB Influence: How The Show Creates A Whole New Image Of A Person We Already Knew Before


OK so if you’ve been following Bigg Boss, you must already be having different kinds of opinions on different people. Because we all have opinions and all the opinions differ. And it’s OK to differ, right? But there is this one crazy thing about this show that excites most people and makes them watch the show. It is having opinions on contestants. Let’s have a look at how people’s (most) opinions changed on respective contestants before and after entering into Bigg Boss house.


-And of course, the first person we are talking about is Babu Gogineni.

Before you continue to read, I want to you forget the part of him since he entered BB house. Just only try recollecting the days when he was on news channels, busting myths and breaking eggs. Remember those days, When he was literally the hero on Social Media? Remember how every FB Telugu page (including ours) used to applaud him for his crazy works.

-Cut to present day-

He is being ruthlessly trolled on Social Media (we’re not blaming anyone here). And we’re also not saying he hasn’t done anything ‘bad’. Because he had slipped his tongue in some or other ways which landed him in helpless situations.

Why & How these opinions are formed

The BB show gives us an opportunity to judge them.

I mean, come on, When you put a bunch of people in a house and monitor them all day, and telecast only the 45mins to us. Of course, people are gonna have opinions.

The show puts them in vulnerable situations (both physically and mentally). So the contestants have to put a filter on their mouths, they can’t speak anything they wish to speak. Because, if at all, they speak anything remotely *controversial*, the show makers are gonna dramatize the situation and by adding background music to it, make sure that their TRP’s are high (can’t blame them too, it’s their show). Basically, the show exposes them completely, both the good and bad side.

Reminds me of the quote ‘Never Meet Your Hero’.

I’m not saying anybody is a hero here. But what this quote says is, Every human is a mix of good and bad. But When you get to meet (KNOW) a person ‘completely’. You gonna start hating him. Remember that ‘Genius’ movie by Omkar?. If you’ve watched it, A fan meets his Hero, the hero he has idolized his entire life, and finally when he meets, and hates him to the core, realizing that even he is bad.

So the problem here is, ‘knowing’ a person completely.

The other person we are talking about is Kaushal, The most followed and loved person on Social Media right now.

The thing that made Babu Gogineni a troll, the exact same thing made Kaushal a hero. And it is ‘knowing’ him.

Nobody (most) knew Kaushal before he came to Bigg Boss show. Whatever the craze, following and the ‘army‘ he has now, is entirely based on the things have done and said on the show.

Even though at first he was put in vulnerable and helpless situations, the way he came out and fought back, gained him immense love and following across Telugu states. When he came to the show, he had nothing, now he has an army of people who support him all the time.

So at the end of the day, whatever contestants do and say, audiences give it back to them in form of Karma. The ways and approaches might be different. Some say it in a good and sensible way, some hurl ugly and disgusting abuses.

The specialty about this show is that it makes us take things toooo personally as if we actually know the contestants completely. The number of memes and posts we are seeing on social media is huge. What I feel is, we need to realize that its just a game, man. We need to stop taking it so seriously, it has literally become a part of our lives (an addiction). And an addiction in any form is bad for us.


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