15 Interesting People We Would Love To See In Big Boss Telugu Season 2 & Why


Inko okka roju lo Big Boss Telugu season 2 premiere avvudhi. Of course kothadhanam kosam, this Nani replaced NTR as host. Mari anthe kotha dhanam kosam, manaki house lo contestants kuda interesting ga undali ga… so here are a list of few crazy in house mates, who we think would be a great fun to watch out for. Idhi Big Boss 2 final contestants list kadhu, its just a list of people who we think would be fun to watch. Have a look.


1. Bandla Anna: The one makes sure that ‘Eega’ doesn’t fall on any of the contestants.


2. Jaleel Khan: The most ‘educated’ person in the house.


3. Diversion Aunty: The one diverts all the eliminations in the house.


4. Pittal Dora: The one who reviews everything that goes on in the house.


5. Gaali Doctor: In-House Doctor.


6. Rechagokku Guy: Replacement of ‘Shiva Balaji’ from season 1.


7. Venu Swamy: In-House Devudu Chesina Manishi who predicts the season winner on Day 1 itself.


8. Frustated New Reporter: The one who conveys all the outside news to the contestants.


9. Lalithaa Jewellers Uncle: The one who everyone confuses to be the ‘Big Boss’. Because of the suit, gundu and all.


10. & 11. Deepthi Sunaina & Darling Das: The ones who will win ‘Uthama Dubsmash Jodi’ award.


12. TNR: ‘Frankly Speaking with TNR (Inside BB house)’. Episode runtime: 120 Days.


13. Jaffar: The one who keeps saying, ‘Nen mimmalni okati adugtha, STRAIGHT ga answer cheppali.’


14. Babu Gogineni: Come on, we gotta have at least one sensible and logical person in the house.


15. Shivaji: The one who does secret sting operation inside BB House.


Bonus- Wildcard Entry: Gadwal Kid: Under age ina sare, ee legend guest appearance mathram pakka undali ani aasisthu..

P.S: Inka evarnaina miss ayyam anipisthe.. Definitely mem marchipoledhu. We don’t want to see them in Big Boss house, and on TV with family.


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