This Story About A Billionaire’s Son Who Came To Hyderabad With Just Rs 500 In Hand Will Teach You What Life Is!


A young rich guy, leaving all his wealth and coming to a new and unknown place to lead an anonymous and poor life. Reminds you of some movie? This is the story of a Gujarathi boy who lead the exact same life for a month. His journey of self discovery without disclosing his identity is definitely an awe struck story.

Hitarth Dholakia, is the heir of 6000 crore property whose father owns a diamond business that is spread in more than 70 countries. after he completed his Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) from the newyork University, he had to follow his families per that anyone who takes over the family business have to conceal their identity and fend themselves a job on their own for a month. he was sent to Hyderabad directly from the airport itself with nothing more than just 500 rupees in his pocket. his father Savji Dholakia, made it to headlines for being a generous business men and gifting his employees cars and flats as Diwali bonus in the past.

Hitarth entered Hyderabad with no knowledge of the city. Here he started staying in a lodge in Secunderabad by paying Rs 100 and stayed with a room full of 17 people. As a part of this challenge, he has to look for a job every week. The condition is that he cannot reveal his educational qualification to fetch a job. Recounting the plights he faced, he says he felt lucky finding a job which paid him Rs 4000 a month. he adds it wasn’t easy looking for a job and through this one month of hard time he has learnt the lesson of his lifetime. By the end of the month he gained 5000 on his own. His family members when came to fetch him, they were surprised to find the places he had lived in and the struggles he had to go through.

Dholakia’s family has been following this tradition for more than 36 years to teach their kids the true essence of life. Living completely on their own without revealing their identity, makes them create a character of their own and keeps them grounded. This tradition in this family came into light when they sent their 21 year old to Kochi. It’s truly astonishing that Hitarth, who even has a licence for flying, lead his life in the slums of Hyderabad. His experience and perception on the world is really worth appreciating.


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