Everything You Need To Know About Bhimavaram’s Famed ‘Mavullamma’ Temple!


Sri Jaganmaatha Maavullamma Temple is a famous temple in the town of Bhimavaram. Also renowned as one of the busiest temples in the West Godavari Dist., where lakhs of devotees visit each year to take the blessings of Jaganmaatha.



The history of this temple begins as early as 1200 AD according to local people. However, chronicled history of this temple is available only from the period of 1880 A.D. According to local lore, Sri Mavullamma ammavaru emerged in a place where Neem (Vepa) and Peepal (Raavi) trees were together in the Motupalli Veedhi of Bhimavaram.



There are two stories explaining the origins of the name of this deity. The first one goes about how when the deity first emerged, the place was famous for its many mango trees. Hence the goddess was named ‘Mavilla Amma”. This got colloquial-ised to “Sri MAVULLAMMA” with the passage of time. The other story is that people of the small villages nearby used to throng this place. Bhimavaram goddess became the village deity (Grama Devatha) for many of them. Hence the goddess came to be known as “Maa Vulla Amma”.

During Vaishaka masam of the year 1880 A.D., Sri Mavullamma ammavaru came into the dream of Sri Marella Machi Raju and Sri Grandhi Appanna and advised them to build a temple in the place where she had emerged. After they found the Goddess, they used to offer her prayers in a small hut. Both Sri Marella Machi Raju and Sri Grandhi Appanna built the temple at the Sunday Market (Previously known as Aidhu Lanterla Stambham). In 1910 A.D., a sculptor Tatavolu Naga Bhushanacharyulu from Kaalla village gave life to the idol of the Goddess as SHANTI SWAROOPINI and placed Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Vivekananda idols on the both sides of the entrance.



It is believed that ever since her incarnation, the town has been become prosperous. The town gradually developed day by day with her blessings. The people have been living peacefully with her auspicious blessings



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