The Next Time You Are At Bhimavaram, Don’t Miss This Iconic ‘Bajji Mixture’


We just LOVE street food! Yeah, everything we have been taught about hygiene goes down the drain when we succumb to our cravings. But let’s be real we have beefed up our immunity to another level with all the street food that we keep stuffing ourselves with.

Every region in AP & Telangana indeed does have its own characteristic street food that the locals love. And the love for food is universal. We came across this video of what street food Bhimavaram’s evenings are filled with and instantly fell in love.

Watch as magic is made in the form of Bhimavaram Bajji Mixture!

I’m already packing my bags to Bhimavaram to try out this awesomeness. Street byte channel who published this video also have made it a mission to discover and introduce to the world the marvels of Telugu street food. Check them out here!


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