This Guy Mixes 2 Movies’ BGMs & Creates Best Output & You Have To Check Them Out


KGF : Oora mass elevation scene ni inka elevate chese BGM.
Rakshasudu : Edge of the seat thriller ki eerie sounds & modern instruments combine chesi audience ni movie lo inka involve aipoyela chesesina BGM.

Ivi rendu thope BGMs ae, mana movie watching experience ni full on enhance chesina BGMs. Ee renditini MIX chesi vinte ela untadhi. Errethipoddhi. Yeah, exactly adhe oka talented Tamila thambi, Allan Preetham chesindhi. Ee two BGMs ni MIX chesi oka 2 Min video thana YouTube channel lo pettadu. Headphones / earphones pettukuni vinandi craaazzy undhi.


Also, check out his other Amazing works :

1. NGK ki Mass beats mix chesi kottadu..super anthe.


2. This is for all the Rajini fans.


3. Thala Ajith & Ilayathalapathy Vijay fans ki combined gift.


4. This BGM has a separate fan base.


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