9 Awkward Situations You Face When You Have A Bestie From The Opposite Gender!


Every guy has a “brother from another mother” and every girl has one “soul sister”. But for boys or girls having a best friend of opposite gender is a fantastic thing that can happen. They are super caring, they understand you better. There is no question of any emotional attyachars and you’ll get the best dating advice there is from them. Not to mention they also bring along their super cute friends when you guys hangout. You are now a fashion expert, gossiper and the most chilled out 2 people squad ever!


Sometimes this can be a real pain in the ass too. You’ll face a bunch of problems. From being asked about super awkward things to being forced to prove the purity of your friendship, it freaks you out totally. If you ever had one then you will totally relate to these 9 annoying things below.


1) Aithe thana side, ledhante mee side, prati okarri ninchi vacche first question. “Are you guys in a relation?” Kaadhu!! ani medalo board vesukuna thakkuve andi ilanti vaalla ki.



2) You are the official photographer!
They’ll make you click hundreds of photos. Aina konni vaallaku thaggattu raakapothe inka theesthune undipovaali. Eppudaina vaallaki meere official photographer.

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3) Mee gurinchi telisina vaallu me best friend tho connect avvaalani chusthuntaaru. You’re the official cupid for them.



4) And you are the bakara who gets caught in between.



5) Let it be their silly fights or break-ups, you gotta deal with them all.



6) Because most of the time they find your better one right beside you.



7) Mee best friend ante vaallaki painundi kindha varaku kaalipothundi.



8) Daily calls, weekly meetings, photographs… vsalla friends eh kaadhu, intlo kooda doubts ochesthai.



9) Erripoooo..!!!!!



But no matter what, they are the 2nd best thing you have received after your family and they are certainly worth all the troubles. Now tag your best friends and let them know these awkward problems you face.


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