What Are The Best YouTube Channels For Learning Various Things In Life? Checkout This List

Corona valla mask sanitizer tho paatu internet ni kuda gattiga vadesthunnam saar, online classes nunchi online delivery dhaka anni Internet punyama ani save and fast ga ayipothunnai, corona valla edhi agina agakapoina Education mathram agaledhu, interest undali kani free time lo free ga nerchukunendhuku mana YouTube lone entho content undi..

Recent ga dhini medhane Brian Feroldi ane pedha manishi thana social media accounts lo “What are the best YouTube channels for learning (any subject welcome)?” ani aduguthe chala places nunchi chala responses vachai, vaatilo top and best 20 YouTube channels for learning and mana lifestyle ki use ayevi ento ippudu chudham..

1. After Skool

Great talks ni visual ga manaki manchiga ardham ayelaga animate chesi motivate chestharu..

Motivation with art work, This channel animates great talks from the past

2. April Wilkerson

Mana intlo elanti wood works gurinchi thelusukovali ana or mana own ga customized wood works gurinchi nerchukovali ana ee channel use avthundi..

April is a skilled carpenter that walks you through building a wide variety of products.. A great channel for homeowners

3. Crash Course

Peruki thaggate Crash Course ga manaki kavalsina subjects lo 10 minutes lope short and sweet content tho videos untai..

4. Deep Dive

Ee channel lo only 3 videos eh unnai, but worth watching.. Science and nature gurinchi interesting content kavali ante ee videos chudalsindhe..

5. Daily Dose of Internet

Internet lo viral ayina 3-5 minutes video clips anni ee channel lo chudochu, will be amazed.

6. Dude Perfect

5 college friends kalisi trick shots tho fun and enjoy tho untai videos, sports + comedy tho videos kavali ante perfect channel..

7. Mark Rober

Former NASA and Apple engineer teaches science lessons through extremely fun videos..

8. My Mechanics

Mechanical stuff, new creations and restoration gurinchi content kavali ante the best channel..

A HIGHLY skilled craftsman restores a variety of tools

9. Outdoor boys

Valla kids tho outdoor camps ki velli adventures chesi videos upload chestharu.. If you love outdoor adventures then this channel is for you..

10. Our Rich Journey

A financially savvy couple retired at 39 and teaches you how they did it..

11. Practical Engineering.

A civil engineer explains how things we take for granted work.

Practical engineering medha awareness kalipisthu and mana interest and exposure peragadaniki ee videos use avthai..

12. Physics Girl.

Short and sweet duration tho ee channel lo physics ni explain chestharu, easy ga understand kadaniki fun way lo content untundi..

13. Real Engineering.

Wonderfully detailed videos on a variety of engineering constructions projects

14. Sci Show

Science ki related vi manaki curious ga anipinche topics medha short videos untai ee channel lo.. Any science topic you can think of

15. SmarterEveryDay

Fun & entertaining ga wide variety of topics and videos untai ee channel lo..

16. Stuf Made Here

An engineer spends a crazy amount of time creating a variety of fun projects

17. Ted-ED

Wonderful talks that spread interesting ideas..

Animated works with great content tho videos untai, mana future innovations ki and creative thinking ki use avthai..

18. Wintergatan

Music, Engineering and Innovation ee moodu oke dhagara chudali ante manam ee channel chudalisndhee…

Watch a musician embark on a multi-year journey to build a crazy machine that plays music using marbles..

19. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga nerchukovali anukunna vallaki the best channel, healthy tips and high quality free videos..

20. Brian Feroldi

Self promotion cheskuntu thana channel thane top 20 lo pettukunnadu mana Brain mawa.. Anyways, meeku okavela long term lo money invest cheyali ani unte ee channel meekosame..

This channel is a collection of interviews and videos that teach people how to master their personal finances, think long-term, and invest better.

Yes, and ee 20 youtube channels lone inka motham ayipoledhu, theliyanivi theluskundamm thelisinavi chepudham, meeku thelisina the best YouTube Channels for learning vi ento kindha comments lo chepandi..

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