Here Is A Definitive List Of The Best Telugu Patriotic Movies Ever!

Patriotism is a theme that unites everyone, irrespective of religion and caste. It is a strong connect that brings all of us together! Our Telugu Film Industry has produced quite a few movies with the theme. Some films have really stood the test of time, and made it to the list. Here. We. Go!

1. Maro Prapancham: A film heavily inspired by Sri Sri’s writings in which a revolutionary group calls for an end to all poverty, and the social systems that curtain freedom of thought. The film used Sri Sri’s lyrics to push their radical message through. Even though it was a commercial failure, it stood as one of the best films in the ANR’s career.
2. Alluri Seetarama Raju: Which Telugu person hasn’t seen this film? Answer: No one! One of the finest films of the 70s.

3. Andhra Kesari: A film on the life of Tanguturi Prakasam, a Telugu freedom fighter who went on to become the first Chief Minister of Andhra State. Vijayachander portrayed the character, produced and directed the film. It was released on 1 November 1983, the Andhra Pradesh Formation day. This melodious song ‘Vedamla Ghoshinche Godavari’, on the historical city Rajahmundry, was a big hit!

4. Bobbili Puli: Released in 1982, this action-drama film starring NTR and Sridevi in the lead roles went on to become a big hit of the time. NTR played the role of a Military Officer who later on becomes a vigilante to fight anti-social elements. The story and the power of NTR’s character in the film motivated him to take a turn towards politics.

5. Vande Mataram, released in 1985, was directed by T. Krishna, a revolutionary director of the time. The film stars Rajasekhar, Vijayashanti and Rajendra Prasad, and deals with the conditions in contemporary society.
6. Neti Bharatam came out in 1983. It was written and directed by T. Krishna, the same man who directed Vande Maataram. It was a musical hit which promoted liberal ideals. Lyrics for the songs were penned by revolutionary poet Srirangam Srinivasa Rao, and Adrushta Deepak, who was then an unknown lyricist. The music by K. Chakravarthy was very much acclaimed, especially for the song ‘Maanavatvam Parimalinche’.
neti bharatam
7. Sardar Papa Rayudu: The film is based on the life of Papa Rayudu a rebel who is known for his role in the First War of Indian Independence. NTR stole the limelight once again with this film!
8. Khadgam: A film that portrayed India-Pakistan relations with an extreme patriotic bent(remember, this was just-post-Kargil India.) Krishnavamsy gave out the message of togetherness despite diversity; that all Indians are fundamentally equal, irrespective of our way of worship. Still regarded as one of the best movies of the decade.
9. Mahatma: The film showed how it would be if Mahatma’s ideals were followed in this day and age. That too, by a former Rowdy Sheeter. The film is more impressive than the idea!

You should take time out this Independence Day to watch these classics!
Have we covered all your favorites here? If not, do comment below!

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