18 Thopu Photographers Based Out Of Telugu States That Every Budding Photographer Needs To Follow


Hello peeps! According to the self-made theory, there will be two types of people in this beautiful world! One who clicks pictures! And the one’s who poses for them! Today, we are going to talk about the people who are most comfortable in standing behind the Camera lens!? Because that’s what they love and that’s where they give their best!

Every one of us loves photography. Someway or the other we keep on clicking pictures, because we are here to create memories and cherish them for the rest of our lives? For me everyone is a photographer! Now, you are going to know about some of the ThOP photographers based out of Telugu states. Everyone has their unique style and genre. So, let’s begin:

Note: The list below is just sorted in an alphabetical order. We already have an article on top wedding photographers (Photriya Venky, Joseph Radhik…). Click here to read that article.


1. Arpita Patel
Fulltime Wedding, Travel and Fashion photographer. Born and brought up in Secunderabad, Arpita has been recognised with the ‘Youngest Female Photographer in City’ award. The fashion portraits clicked by her will completely have a different perspective and gives us fresh feels ? It’s been two and half years into photography for her and she always tries to learn new things. Her point of view and composition made her to sit in Judging panel for many college competitions.
Instagram: passionographer_


2. Guru Charan
Software engineer in weekdays, photographer in weekends. Charan is setting some high standards for work-life-passion balance. One thing about his pictures is that they all will have life in them. The way he captures people emotions made him an unique photographer. His journey is very inspiring, you can watch his TEDx talk in Youtube. He currently lives in Bangalore and captures the streets beautifully. Hope he soon settles in Hyderabad ?
Instagram: geosmin_photography


3. Jitender Govindani
One of the few wildlife photographers from our Telugu states. He is a Professor by profession but a wildlife photographer & nature enthusiast at heart and have been enjoying photography for the last five years. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Jitender is highly qualified with MBA, MA(Psychology), Ph.D degrees and currently working as Professor in ICBM. Hundreds of his images are exhibited at various exhibitions and published all over India. He says, “Words cannot articulate my love for wildlife, but my camera can”. Such an inspiration ??
Instagram: jitendergovindani


4. Joseph Radhik
StoriesbyJosephRadhik – Ever heard this name or ever seen his watermark? You would have definitely seen it somewhere I believe, because he is the one who shot for Sam-Chai, Kohli-Anushka, Priyanka-Jones and many other big weddings. His TedX talks on Youtube really boost ups many budding photographers passion. He is such a gem ? He and his team capture the true emotions in every wedding and that is what he is famous for. He is from Hyderabad but lives in Mumbai?
Instagram: josephradhik


5. Kamal Kiran
He mostly shoots for weddings and one of the best in this genre. Kamal has completed his MBA and started his career as a French language teacher. But his love towards photography made him a full-time photographer. Weddings are always special, and he is making them more magical with beautiful clicks. His work has been featured in some of the famous magazines, articles and newspapers. Kudos to his extraordinary frames ??
Instagram: kamalkiranphotography


6. Karthik Abhiram
Ohh man, this guy has got so many talents. Works as a campus recruitment lead in one of the leading MNC’s, he sketches, and he CLICKS as well. Karthik is a part time photographer, but his work made him quite famous. He observe his surroundings keenly and captures the moments beautifully. His pictures will be simple, yet amazing! Right from food to structures, pets to people, he covers it all. And not to forget to mention about his food/beverage flatlays ?
Instagram: karthikabhiram


7. Kishor Krishnamoorthi
Kishor left his desk job in London 7 years ago and started his journey as a professional photographer. He mostly shoots for weddings and has also done still photography for Tharun Bhascker movies. Kishor also founded two start-ups called Concordezine and Kikistore. He feels that he is in right place (where his heart belongs) with many achievements in his pocket. One will really enjoy reading his blogs and going through his pictures ??
Instagram: kishorkrishnamoorthi


8. Manogna Reddy
Manogna is unique in her own way because she covers the Newborn, Baby, Maternity and woman photoshoots. The idea of becoming a photographer came up when she couldn’t find any good newborn photographers to capture her 10day old twin boys. Crazy, isn’t it? From then, she never looked back. She also clicked portraits of Rakul Preet, Pooja Hegde, Sonal Chauhan and Hansika. There are very few photographers of this genre and she is rocking it with her perfection ?
Instagram: manogna.reddy


9. Pavan Sakaram
Pavan is a part time travel photographer. He is a jeweller based out of Kurnool, but his interest in photography is taking him to places (Bali, Vietnam, etc). He is famous for his landscape & Drone pictures. His work is featured in various blogs/magazines and has won Sony contest for one of his photographs. Don’t miss to check his Bali pictures, they are incredible?
Instagram: pavansakaram


10. Photriya Venky
He doesn’t need special introduction, because he is most popular in the list. We have seen him playing beautiful roles in Shankardada MBBS, Satyam and other movies. Venky is not only popular of his roles, but also for his extraordinary frames. For many, he is the real master in Wedding Photography. He raised the bar very high and capturing the emotions beautifully. That’s what made him the best. And also he has started training some of the budding photographers through his instructor led coaching classes in his academy. You can know more about him in his entertaining TedX talk on Youtube. Don’t miss on how he got this name PHOTRIYA – very interesting ?
Instagram: photriyavenky


11. Prudhvi Chowdary
Prudhvi’s work on Hyderabad street photography made him famous on social media. Especially the way he captured the streets of old city, Ganesh Nimmarjan at tank bund, sunrise/sunsets at Kajaguda hills, light trails gained him a lot of attention. He is working as CPO-Chief Photography Officer for an organization called Picxy – first of its kind in India ? His entire journey of how he became a Travel photographer is very interesting. You can watch his TedX talk in Youtube.
Instagram: prudhvichowdary


12. Rakesh Pulapa
Travel/Landscape photographer. Some of you would have already recognized him because of his beautiful drone shots. Most of them became viral on social media platforms. All hail the Dronacharya – Rakesh Pulapa. The concept of Droneception made him a master in this genre and that’s why everyone call him Dronacharya. Interesting right? He manages Competitive exam coaching center in Rajahmundry, but his extraordinary photographs make him travel a lot. Watch out his TedX talk to know more about him ?
Instagram: rakesh.pulapa


13. Saurabh Chatterjee
Travel Photographer and Columnist. He clicks and he writes as well. Saurabh is a photographer and educator for a long time. He conducts many photography workshops and photo tours across India. And he has this habit of writing blogs on his trips which will be useful for many budding photographers. He is nominated as one of the Top 10 Most influential people in photography by Asian Photography magazine and won many awards for training people ?
Instagram: saurabhchatterje


14. Shiv Kumar
Most unique from the entire list. He covers small little things around us so well that we don’t even notice in our daily life. The name Lenskumar perfectly suits him. Do check out his amazing story highlights (Mana ooru, Ramachiluka, etc) in his Instagram account. Those stories itself tells us how he captures things and people ? Just brilliant. On the other side, he also sketches. All these things combine beautifully and makes his account an awesome one. And also don’t miss seeing the cute pictures of Rani (His pup)!
Instagram: lenskumar


15. Shubam
This guy is really special and crazy as well. His profile is a pure bliss to watch. All he does with that single cup of chai is simply amazing. Beautiful chai cup surrounded by different properties and a blue background makes his feed unique. One will be amazed of how he keeps on finding new things every single day. He has grabbed google attention for his Instagram account because of his amazing flatlays ?
Instagram: zuvamart


16. Srikanth Mannepuri
Srikanth is based out of Bhimavaram and he is one of the very few wildlife conservationists from our states. He is working as field conservationist at Fishing Cat Conservancy! His work is supported by Andhra Pradesh Forest Department. Srikanth explored Andhra, Telangana biodiversity regions and also visited few national parks in the USA and photographed the elusive and rare wildlife species like the endangered fishing cats, Smooth coated otters, olive ridley turtles and many bids ? Srikanth also do snake handling and rescued many snakes in and around East Godavari due to animal and human conflict. He also won many awards and his work is published in several magazines/papers/exhibitions.
Instagram: srikanthwildlife


17. Trishnanta Kanjilal
Trishnanta is a Food Photographer ?? The food & beverage pictures you see in some of the Hyderabadi restaurants like Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Olive Bistro, etc are captured by her. Trishnanta is a B.Sc graduate and is a full time photographer. She left her Marketing job in a reputed MNC 6 years ago and took up photography. She is also a certified Open Water Scuba Diver and adventure sports enthusiast.
Note: Even if you are not feeling hungry, her feed makes you crave for food.
Instagram: trishnanta


18. Vijay Eesam
Vijay reddy is from Hyderabad. He started doing wedding photography after a switch in career. His dream was to be a film-maker but when that didn’t work out, he channelled his creativity towards weddings. Aside from photography, he also creates wedding movies. His beautiful composition/framing and capturing the fairy-tale moments made him one of the best ?
Instagram: vijayeesam


We cannot keep the list going on and we do not want to miss few others as well. So here is a small list:
Abdul Munnaf (i_abdulmunaff)
Ajay Bhargav Guduru (ajaybhargavguduru)
Kishore PNS (the_merakiist)
Megha Sai Shyam (imagesbymeghasai)
O’Neil Rhylet (Mr._.wildborn)
Srinivas Thiruvattur (Srinivas_thiruvattur)
Sushmitha Tadakamadla (sushmithatadakamadla)
Thariq Hussain (thariqhussain)
Veerendra jillella (veerendrajillella)


The above list is made considering different aspects like experience, quality, genre, etc. We haven’t only picked their profiles just because of their photography, it’s also about their character and positivity which they carry. If you have observed, many of them are into jobs, arts, business, etc. apart from photography. But passion is what drives them. Hats off to all these mates! Just check their feeds once, you will feel nothing less than an absolute bliss! ?
Just like them, every one of us inspire at least one and you may never know that. Consistency and patience are the key to success. Even after extensive research and various limitations, I know I would have missed a few beautiful profiles and people somewhere. Please DM me @saradasunil and I will try to let everyone know about their work.


If you wish to contribute, mail us at admin@chaibisket.com


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