17 Emotional Moments In F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion Where Every Fan’s Heart Melted

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17 years venakki tiskelli andarni emotional chesesaru. FRIENDS has been a part of our lives. Mana college journey complete ayyesariki telikundane chala emotional avutham a 4 years lo , so something similar we have watched them from their 20’s to 30’s , so 2004 farewell ayyaka malli vallu oke frame lo kanipisthunaru ante excite avvakunda untama? Ipudu chadhive vallalo 2 types , chusina vallu , chudani vallu . Okavela 1st category ayithe malli inkosari emotional avvadaniki ready undandi , 2nd category ayithe “mowa intha mandhiki ureke nachesthada cheppu show ofcourse bagundhi kabatte kadha intha admiration” chusi club lo join avvu mowa baguntadhi . So mothaniki ninnati episode avvagane malli inkepudu ala chudalemu ane baadha , inni rojula tarwatha vallandarni oke frame lo chusam ane anandham madyalo teluthunam.

Wait cheyinchina 17 years ni cover chesthu , here are 17 emotional moments every fan got connected to . Okavela reunion inka chudakapothe , Major Spoiler Alert , velli choosi ochi chadiveseyandi.

1)The Purple door with golden frame (17 years later)

Icon for Friends show . Ekada apesaro akade start chesaru kadhandi. This place is filled with memories and that 17 years later card has a lot of emotion in it.

2)The Theme Song remixed with Old and New Friends

Friends theme song vinagane teliyani chills osthayi , Everyone starts humming Ill be there for you….cause you’re there for me too…. and danni reunion moments and youth age lo unnapati visuals tho kaliparu , Man I already started tripping on this song.

3)The one with Barcaloungers

The impact of friendship in this show is pure love. Anni friendships lo Joey-Chandler friendship vereya vishwadaabi raama vinura mowa. Joey Chandler velli Barcaloungers scene repeat cheyagane andari faces lo dingu mani smile ochesi untadhi kada.

4)The Apartment quiz and crazy cameos

Apartment quiz is one crazy episode , ipatiki transposter , transposter anadam is still in my ears… trailer lo when we got to know they recreated it , we were all excited … and expectaions ki ematram taggakunda ichipadesaru. Richard , The hand twin , Heckles , The Ross song ivanni inka nostalgic chesesey…..Also who else scored full on full in that quiz? a ross song lyrics kuda gurthupettukunar ante thop ane cheppali.

5)Ross and Rachel First Kiss

Fan base of Ross Rachel is huuugeeee… we all want them to be together …final episode lo that dialogue “I GOT OFF THE PLANEE” and we all shouted like hell. Ninna episode when David said they were crushing on each other and the first kiss in that episode was originally thier first kiss….andaram blank ayyam andariki okasari abba kalisi unte epatiki couple ayye varu ani anipinchindhi. And also this scene is never going to be the same.

6)Jack and Judy Geller

Somehow telikundane we all felt emotional , audience lo Jack and Judy ni chudagane. Many of us cried there , show chusaka ee scene chusanu and god Im glad they were a part of reunion. They are a family to all the six of them

7)Ohhh Myyy Gaaawddd – The Janice Moment

We all hated that voice once , ninna ochinapudu mathram andaram arichamu , andaram adhe gonthutho Ohhhhhh myyyyy Gaaawdddd annam. Admit it or not , she made a huge impact and brought a wide smile on our faces.

8)Gunther’s Online Entry

The world is full of gunthers . We all felt for him kani gunther mowa chaala maripoyadu.

9)Audience Feelings from all over the world

Not gonna lie , vallu cheppinavi anni manam feel ayyam , FRIENDS was there for us when we are alone, FRIENDS was there for us when depressed , happy , sad , exhausted at every single point in life. When people started expressing , yes i felt that , naaku alane undhi , we all got connected . It helped a lot of people and will be remained as an iconic show forever. Thank you F.R.I.E.N.D.S

10)Script Readings

From Jelly Fish to Ross Rachel First Kiss scene , script reading appudu valla excitement , they are never old. Ross Rachel coffee house scene ayyaka the way they saw each other. The one where everyone knows chaduthunapudu vallani vallu marchipoyina a moments are precious abba. I know i havent added something here , It deserved an another whole mention .

11)My Eyes My Eyeees…. Classic and Marana Mass Phoebe Buffay

Script reading lo this was pure highlight . Phoebe saar phoebe anthe , her laugh , her craziness , her madness , she is a badass , she is wonderfully weird. Adhe excitement carry chesindhi enactment apudu kuda. Motham mugguru chitakottesaru , but phoebe injected the vibe just like that.

12)BTS Scenes – The Younger F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Seeing them old asala edho teliyani weird feeling , are enduku ila asala ani. But last 30 minutes lo they added a BTS and fun scenes in the sets.This video made my day.

13)The Fashion Show

Holiday Armidillo , Spudnik , Leather Pants , Joey with all the Clothes , Rachel Bridegroom dress . “Could I be more happier ?”

Could I be wearing any more clothes?

14)Pheobe and Lady Gaga’s Smelly Cat Feast

Diniki matter kuda avasarama, frankly we all sang along and aloud …

Smelllly Cattt , Smelllly Cat what are they feeding you..

15) The Bloopers

We all watched bloopers again and again , but this time vallu bloopers chusthunapudu ichina reaction , it was like watching the show with them . It was one crazy happy moment.

16)Farewell to FRIENDS Set

When they said next roju edho pilot episode shoot undani , they had to remove the set that night only , a set pikadam chusthe girr mari tirigay nillu. That last shot was emotional to everyone of them . Everyone broke down.The wall with memories and their signatures. Man it was emotional.


They were a part of our lives and will be …..

Ok I know , its bitter sweet , malli chusthamo ledho telidhu but all i know is they will be there for us , malli manam e phase lo life lo unna binge watch chestham , malli malli chustham , mana pillalaki kuda chupistham. With a wide smile and heavy heart , THANK YOU F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You will stay with us FOREVER

Comment your best moment from the reunion and also tag our fellow friends fanatics and bring a smile on thier face. IkaSelavu.

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