10 Things We Can Relate To When Our Best Friend Breaks-Up With Their Loved Ones!


When our best friend breaks up with their boyfriend/girlfriend we also go on this sad journey with them. Akkada action aithe mana varaku reaction vasthadhi and we have to deal with it. Break up lo vaalu stages cross ainattu mana kuda different stages lo different pathralu play chesthaam. So here are few situations we face and the roles we play while going through these stages:


1. Go through the pain
They are sad ante automatically we are also sad, vaalani console chesthu manam kuda edchestham.


2. Alone time
Manam entha odarchina they will need their alone to time to sort things out and asal break up aiyindhi ani digest cheyyadaaniki time padthadhi. Manaki unnadhi vaalu okkare so vaalu lenapudu manam kuda alone aipotham.


3. Listening sessions
Vaala first meeting ninchi recent break-up varaku anni situations and episodes manaki theliyanavi kaadhu aina vaalu cheppthunte malli vintaam.


4. No bullshit
Sometimes best friends break up aipoina malli kalustham ane bramha lo untaaru. Manamu vaalaki it’s over anesi nijam cheppeyaali, vaalu entha badhapadthaaro ani thelsina cheppali. Sooti ga cheppali sutti lekunda.


5. Hugs machine
Ilanti time lone even if our best friends hate PDA he/she will require hugs and mana karthavayam ga bhaavinchi manamu vichalavidi ga ichestham


6. Philosopher
Everything happens for a reason, idhi mannam namakapoina vaalaki cheptham. Anniti lo paramardham undhi anesi you will get better people in your life ani nachacheptham.


7. Funny guy
Vaala badha ni thattukoleka we do anything to make them happy, stupid jokes and make them laugh anyway possible.


8. Distract with food/alcohol
Mari too much ga kakunda minimum ice cream inka alcohol lekunda any break up is incomplete. Ilanti distractions enni marina mana company mathram constant.


9. Let’s get into the game
Move on ani vere boys/girls dheggariki push chesedhi maname. Maname vaalani interesting boys/girls in introduce chesthaam.


10. Hate on the ex
Mana best friend ex ni maname vaalakante ekkuva hate chesthaam adhi manam anukokunda ne jarigipothuntadhi.


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