13 Rocking Anime Series’ We All Loved During Our Childhood!


General ga childhood two types ankuntaru, Cartoons chuse vallu oka type aithe Animes chuse vaallu rendo type. Kaani ikkada moodo rakam kuda unnaaru. Vaalle Anime + Cartoon Lovers! Atlanti vaalla kosam mana chinappati animes ni gurthu chesukuntu ee article.


1. Naruto:
Though there are other better Animes we have seen but still this one always entertained us.



2. Death Note:
Remarkable Intelligence of a Book that can change the world <3



3. Shin Chan:
Ante comedy lenidhe top 3 list complete kaadhu kadhaa.



4. Full Metal Alchemist:
2 Brothers and each playing God?



5. Steins Gate:
Time traveling and parallel worlds is the thing that keeps us craving for more.



6. Hellsing:
Most stylish Anime ever to be made.



7. BeyBlade:
Childhood lo sagam time aa domes lo beyblades tho ne saripoindhi.



8. Evangelion:
The most underrated and explicit anime ever.



9. Pokemon:
A childhood favorite for many. Obviously the list wouldn’t be complete without this.



10. Digimon:
Ante most popular kaabati thappadhu.



11. Hunter x Hunter:


12. One Piece:


And The Baap Of All:


List Lo Miss Aenavi and me favorite kindha comments lo mention cheyandi..

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