Here’s Why We Should Be Using UPI Instead Of Other Money Transfer Options!


India ni cashless economy ga marchadaniki mana central government tiskunna major and powerful initiatives lo UPI (Unified Payments Interface) okati. Naku telisi ee post chadvutunna chala madiki deeni gurinchi telisi undadu. Okavela meeru inthavarki UPI gurinchi vinakapothe dani gurinchi complete details kosam ee link chudandi. Endukante ikada direct ga manam UPI tho unna benefits gurinchi, UPI vadte India kalalu kantunna cashless economy ni entha tondarga achieve cheyacho, migata payment options like wallets, bank transfers kante idi entha easy and flexible anedi discuss chestam. So I request you to know about UPI before reading this post.


Benefits of using UPI
Cheapest way of money transfer

For now UPI tho chese anni transactions free. Digital economy ni boost cheyadaniki government tiskunna decision idi. Migata transfer options like IMPS, NEFT, RTGS kante cheap untadi transaction fee future lo. It would be as cheap as 50 paise per transaction. Ee table chuste miku oka clarity vastadi.



Ee table observe cheste 1 lakh varaki meeru transfer chese amount entha aina miku transaction charge padedi 50 paise matrame. So chinna chinna money transfers chese vallaki like vegetables konadaniki, inka change avasaram ayye chinna chinna transactions ki idi chala helpful.


Better than third party wallets
Ipudu manam chuse wallets like PayTM lo money load cheyalsina avsaram undadu. Mee bank account ae mee digital wallet laga maripotundi. Present unna wallets anni kuda person to person money transfer kosam elanti charge cheyatledu. Kani future lo wallets vadakam baga ayyaka wallets kuda transaction charges apply chestay. And wallets nundi bank ki transfer cheyadaniki already charges apply avtunnay. (31st December varaki PayTM lo bank transfers free anukondi adi vere vishayam).



Inkoka thing entante meeru wallets lo money save cheskunte meeku elanti interest radu. Ade UPI aithe bank nundi meeru interest gain chestune transactions cheskovachu.

So overall ga mee account nundi wallet ki load cheyadam malli bank ki transfer cheskodam ee talanoppi antha undadu.
No need of giving lengthy details.

Edaina online transaction cheyadaniki manam chala details enter cheyalsi untadi. Like oka daggara Account number, IFSC code adgithe, inkoka daggara card number, CVV adgutaru. UPI ki ivanni avsaram ledu just meeru money transfer cheyali ankunna person or company di VPA (Virtual Payment Address) unte chalu. Payments will be done in a ziffy and UPI is available 24×7.



One UPI app, many accounts
Meeku okka VPA unte chalu. Daniki enni bank accounts aina link cheskovachu. And also meeru vade UPI app mee bank de undali anna rule kuda ledu. Ae bank di aina UPI app elanti doubt lekunda vadeskovachu.



Very good alternative of POS (swiping) machines
Chinna chinna transactions chese merchants ki chala helpful idi. Manam regular ga chustune unnam bayta 100 rupees kante takkuva bill unte merchants kuda card accept cheyatledu. Because vallu service charge pay cheyalsi untadi banks ki. And adi mottam transaction value lo 1.25% to 2.5% varaki untadi. So alanti vallaki just smartphone tho small amounts tiskune facility untadi UPI tho.



Future lo Cash on delivery nundi movie tickets varaku annitiki UPI payment option undabotondi.
So idi correct ga implement ayyi andaru vadte evaru aaputarandi India ni cashless economy ga maaradam nundi? Meelo entha mandi UPI ni vadalani ankuntunnaru? What do you think of UPI? If you are using already, what is your experience with UPI so far? Feel free to comment below. And also please share about UPI with everyone. Let’s make India a true digital economy.


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