9 Things You’ll Definitely Relate To, If You Are Working As A Freelancer!


Firstly, title chusaaka freelancer ante evarabbaa ani think chesthu ikkadikocchina vaallandhariki nenu cheppedhi entante, freelancer gurinchi simple gaa cheppalante “Neku ishtam ochina topic meedha clients icchina information ni, mana chuttu unna society ki ardamayyetattu present chesi,daaniki taginattu pay theeskovadam.”


1. Istamochindi Raaskovachu:

First and fore most point entante, manaku nacchina topic meedha raayachu.


2. Research on the topic:

We have to do a very little research on the topic.Information ni gather chesi, adhi correct oo kaadho verify cheskunnake sentences ni start chesthaam. Our experience and observation speaks in our work.


3. Carrying Notebooks:

Yes! Meeru anukuntundhi correct eyy. Sudden ga ideas vachinappudu ventane note cheseskuntaam. It really helps a lot in bringing good content.


4. Constantly gains Knowledge:

Information kosam research process lo discussions through eppatikappudu knowledge gain Cheskuntaam.


5. Recognition in Short Time:

Okavela mee work loni content kanuka janaalaki ekkithe, you’ll be famous within a very short time. Endhukante mostly Freelancers anni online lone work untadhi. This really boosts and gives the inspiration to do much more.


6. Avoids Boredom:

Veellaki boring ane word asalu theleedhu. Loneliness is the best time they can use to do their best works.


7. Can Work Anywhere:

Alaage istamochina place nunchi work cheyyachu. Manaku places tho relationship em undadhu annamata. Tour ki vellinaa, Room lo bore kottinaa, ala ekkadi nundi aina pani chesestham.


8. Improves Observation:

Manam anni chaala keen ga observe chesthaam. Oka travelling ki vellinappudu kani, strangers tho matladinappudu kani, we observe everything. And aah observation mana writings lo baaga panikosthayi.


9. Number of Opportunities:

When you are passionate about your work, you can create opportunities in any place.


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