Here’s Everything About Boston Consulting Group & Their Estimation Report Of Lockdown In India


Boston Consulting Group (BCG), konni days ga manam ee peru vintu unnam, recent ga mana CM KCR garu press meet lo kuda vella gurinchi matladaru, asalu vellu evaru, and mana India lock down gurinchi emannaro ee article dhwara thelusukundam..


Boston Consulting Group ante…?

Idhi oka American management consulting firm, 1964 lo start chesaru, ippatiki vellaku 50 different countries lo 90 offices varaku unnai, It is an global management consulting firm.

For BCG site…


Mari mana lock down gurinchi em annaru?

Ahh adhe, ah matter ke vasthunna… Vallu specific ga mana India lock down gurinche em chepaledhu, global ga different countries situations ni analysis cheskuni anni lockdowns gurinchi estimated ga oka report release chesaru, dhantlo mana India lock down June 4th week nunchi september 2nd week varaku extend aye chances untayo emo ani estimate chesaru.


Vallu evari kosam ala estimate chesaru?

Global ga unna valla clients kosam BCG ee estimated report ni release chesindi, valla future scope kosam and proper management kosam ila mundhe anni analysis chesi calculated ga predict chesaru, we can consider it as a suggestion.


Please don’t panic…

They clearly said that its not an official view, vallu different countries lo jaruguthunna situation ni base cheskuni mana gurinchi ala estimate chesaru, mana India lo lockdown extend aye chances unnai emo kani mari antha varaku aythe extend kadhu emo ani anukuntunna, so please don’t panic sir.. let’s wait for official announcement.


Endhuku ala BCG estimate chesindi?

Haa, endhuku ala chesi undochu ante.. India is the largest democratic county in world, population kuda chala ekkuve, and konni developed countries ee COVID 19 ni starting lo koncham neglect chesinandhuku ippudu goramaina results face chesthunnaru, so mana India lo ala jaragakunda andharam safe ga undali ante the only way is social distancing and lock down mathrame.


Mari lock down extension….?

Till now nothing has confirmed, no official statement about lock down extension has been released, so don’t believe any fake news, okavela extend ayina kuda antha mana manchike, ippudu koncham ibhandi ayina tharvatha mellaga anni set cheskuni mana regular life ni start cheyochu.


H 2 H transmission nunche ee virus spread avthundi kabatii social distancing okate dhiniki solution, and lock down is the only way to save our country, so please understand and don’t panic.

Stay home, Stay safe.


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