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Appatlo kolkata nunchi vachina Jagmohan Dalmiya BCCI president ga Indian Cricket ni chalne develop chesaru, MS Dhoni lanti cricketers chala mandi ayina time lo debut chesina valle.. madhyalo entha mandi ee position lo kurchunna, manaki inthala josh raledhu..endhukante esari vachindi mamul ayina kadhu mari.. thana Aggressive Cricket tho, thana matalatho..Ground lopala, bayata manam mudhuga DADA ani piluchukuntam..Former India captain Sourav Ganguly takes over as 39th BCCI president, Idantha bhane undi kani.. asalu BCCI ante enti? Cricket match varaku ok kani behind that anthaga em thelidhu ane varu..ee article mee kosame.


What is BCCI?
The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the national governing body for cricket in India, formed in December 1928. Mana India lo Cricket fans punyama ani BCCI became the richest sporting body and richest cricket board in the world. Ikkada Interesting fact enti ante BCCI does not depend on the Government of India for its finances, It is not a government body. BCCI has its own constitution which has specified the rules and regulations for players and administrators for its smooth functioning.


Revenue for BCCI:
BCCI will receive $293 million the largest share in the new revenue model put in place by International Cricket Council (ICC) for a period of 2016-2023.
The Official Sponsors and Partners of Indian cricket.
Team sponsor Byju’s.
Title Sponsor Paytm.
Kit Sponsor Nike.
Official Broadcaster Star Sports.


What the Stars?
Manam deep ga indian jersey paina oka look vesthe BCCI logo midha manaki 3 stars kanipisthai, chala madhiki avi ento thelidhu.. aythe prathi dhaniki oka reason unnate, deniki kuda undi.. the basic reason behind the display of three stars on cricketer’s jersey to represent India’s three world cup wins till date. 1983 lo Kapil Dev captainship lo and MS Dhoni Captainship 2007 T20 and 2011 kalipi motham three World cups vachai.. vitini mana victory ga represent chesthu ‘Nike’ official kit sponsor India cricket Jersey midha ala 3 stars ni design chepinchai.

note: ee madhya jarigina world cup lo jersey midha 2 stars ye untai that the reason India won 2 ODI cups ani ardham and konni sarlu stars ni back side color kindha kuda design chepinche varu.


How players ranking is calculated?
International Players ranking Point Base System ga 0 to 1000 points lo rate chestharu, last year performance and present year performance ni compare chesi ah points ni decide chestharu. The value of each player’s performance within a match is calculated using an algorithm which is a series of calculations (all pre-programmed), if a player scores high runs in a match and led their team to winning slot or a player takes a crucial wicket or top ranked batsman wicket.. They get more bonus points, ila konni specific rules tho players rankings ni decide chestharu..


ICC Hall of fame ?
The ICC Cricket “Hall of Fame” recognizes the achievements of the legends of the cricket. Retire ayina 5 years ki ee list lo enroll aye minimum qualification… ante evaraina legendary cricketer retire ayina 5 years ki ICC Hall of fame lo vellachu..ippati varaku ee list lo 90 members unnaru, dhantlo mana Indians 6 members including Sachin, Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar, Anil kumble, Beshan Sign, Kapil Dev.


Salary of indian cricketers.
World lo Richest Board unnapudu ikada cricketers kuda highest paid ye untaru kadha.. Yes, Our Indian Cricketers are the highest paid in the world. The BCCI gives salaries to cricketers based on their performance in matches as this encourages them to play better and win acclaim for the country. BCCI has divided the contracted players into 4 categories.
Player of A+ grade will get Rs. 7 cr. per year,
A grade player will get Rs. 5 cr. per year,
B grade player will get Rs. 3 cr per year,
while C grade player will get Rs. 1 cr annually.


List of devices used by umpires
ee madhya mana Umpires ni different devices tho chusthunnam.. protection kosam and accurate decisions kosam kuda villu devices use chesthunaru.
1. Counter– inthaku mundhu umpires chethilo stones marusthu balls count chese vaalu..later e device tho count chesthunnaru.

2.The Protective shield– idhi mathram purely valla safety kosame carry chesthunnaru..mana vallu kotte shots ala unnai mari.

3. Ball gauge– ee device ni ball tampering or ball shape out avuthe..ball ni measure cheyadaniki use chestharu.

4.The Light-o-Meter– ee device mainly test match kosam ekuvuga vadutharu, dim light unte match will be called off by umpires annamata.


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