A Look Back On How The Contestants Themselves Are Responsible For Their Elimination In BB


Hmmm enti mari.. TV lo Bigg Boss osthundhi ga chusthunnara ? Of course, chusthune untaru le, lekapothe ee article chadhavali ani interest endhuku osthadhi. Prathi week elimination process raavatam, week antha plain ga episodes jaratam, edho okka episode tho motham reverse ipodam. Idhi Bigg Boss lo chaaaala maamul vishayam. Mari, there is one thing common in all the Big Boss contestants we’ve observed. Edhento memu cheppamu (but ee article ayye lopu, meeke artham ipothadhi). Have a look.


-Cut to first week in the house-

House motham prashantham ga unna time lo, evo reasons valla Sanjana was jailed, (along with Nutan Naidu) she couldn’t control her anguish (or maybe Sadness), and started to focus on the difference between celebrities and common people. She pointed out the same point sooo many times that it became irritating to both the housemates and the audience.

She tried to trick the audience into believing that some contestants are partial to celebrities in the house, and purposefully kept the common people in the house. (Mari idhi njiamo kaadho, anna vishayam pakkana pedthe, oka conflict (between celebrity and common people) create cheyataniki try chesaru.)

Sanjana was eliminated


-Cut to Second week in the house-

Janalaki ee week lo dhorikina meme, is still the best meme that came out of Bigg Boss season 2. All thanks to Nutan Naidu. Appati varaku Nutan Naidu ante, chokkala meedha NN ani rich ga ‘salute ramraj ki salute‘ antu print cheyinchukoni, chala calm, composed and respectfull ga unna manishi mathrame thelsu.

Never got into any spats. He was a happy, free soul in the house, he used to Dance, dress-up crazily, put on face packs and what not. In fact we even wrote a fun article about ‘Signs That You Are Nutan Naidu Of Your Gang‘ (tap to read).

Mari intha entertainment ichina manishi eliminate ayyaru ante, its only becuase of that one episode ‘KUTUMBHAM GURINCHI MATLADAKU‘. He was triggered so bad that, we’ve never seen Nutan like that. Adhi Nutan ni enthala impact chesindhi ante, ah week lo Ganesh kuda save ipoyi..

Nutan was eliminated

-Cut to Third week in the house-

This definitely has to be one of the most memorable weeks of BB. Kaushal ki toughest times (luckily good also) ee week lo ne start ayyindhi. Confession rooms lo, chinna chinna groups form chesi, people started to speak bad things about Kaushal. In fact, Kaushal himself was very sure that he would be eliminated and felt low about him. And said that, ‘This is my probably my last week in the house, I want to be the captain before I go‘.

Mari ilantidhi, Tables have turned all of a sudden ante, all because of Kireeti’s one foolish move. We’re definitely sure, that if Kireeti remained calm that week, Ganesh would’ve been eliminated from the house, as he was the most nominated contestant in the house. (tap to read).

But no, ‘fire the fire, I’m the fire‘ annaru Kireeti. Overnight lo Indian Army kante pedha army Telugu states lo form ayyindhi i.e: Kaushal Army.

Kireeti was eliminated But thanks to Nani good gesture he went out with clean image.

Cut to Forth week in the house

Craziest elimination week, I say. Aradozen people were in nomination. (Emaina Jaragochu ane show tagline ki ee week correct example anamata.) As usually, Ganesh was also in the nomination (Save tiger laga, Save common man, ane campaign kuda start iyyindhi). Ippati dhaaka house lo jarigina gadavalu anni oka range ithe ee godava mathram next level anamata. ‘Nuvvu naaku LASSI endhuku ivvaledhu?‘. Very unreasonable and silly ‘godava’. And of course,

Shyamala was eliminated


Present in Bigg Boss house

First of all, there are only 3 people in the elimination zone. Tiger anna Ganesh is playing his cool game. Deepthi garu is also a calm and sane person in general, and is loved by most people in the house, ika migilindhi Bhanu. Though she has had a struggling career, and she’s been an active and energitic performer in the house. One episode changed the perspective on her. Yesterday while I was scrolling through social media Telugu meme pages, people were hurling ugly abuses towards her. Geetha Madhuri was praised to peaks for her honesty. So clearly, we can see the Black sheep here.

So only if the people inside Bigg Boss could read this, Its simple guys. Whoever loses their cool, you’re going to be the Black Sheep.

One ‘incident’ (no matter how small or big) can change our opinion on a particular person.


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