What If.. Big Boss 2 Contestants Answer Engineering Viva Questions



Mana college life lo enno exams,enno assignments,enno internals face chesi untam. kani ee okka exam ki mathram manaki studies meedha unna knowledge kantey manalo unna natudni, kavi ni ekkuva vaduthu untam. adhey VIVA. Frank ga matladukuntey viva ki chaduvu biddalu thappa evvaru chadavaru. Atuvanti interesting exam ki mana bigg boss housemates attend aythe?? valla vichitramaina answer lu ela untayo ippudu suddam..


1. Deepthi Sunaina :

Q : What is the definition of frequency??

A : Frequency is defined as the rate at which i do dubsmashes and shoot cover songs over a period of time.


2. Bhanu Sri :

Q : Define decibel.

A : The intensity with which my voice …

amma ika chaalu meeru bayalderandi…


3. Geetha madhuri :

Q : What is the difference between sound and noise ??

A : sound is directly proportional to my voice in jeevanadi
noise is directly proportional to my voice in pakka local.


4. Kaushal :

Q : Define acceleration.

A : The rate at which i mix tiger rice per unit time is know as acceleration.


5. Syamala :

Q : What is inertia ?

A : It is defined as the tendency to do nothing but just stay in the kitchen all day and prepare food.


6. Amit tiwari :

Q : What is an array??

A : The arrangement of all the suitcases in a particular order is known as an array


7. Roll rida :

Q : Define a program in c language.

A : A collection of raps when sung together produce a perfect motivational speech is known as a program.


8. Tejaswi :

Q : Define JAVA

A : It is a software that is used to derive strange proverbs to deal with my housemates.


9. Nutan naidu :

Q : Define load in mechanical engineering.

A : load is defined as the graph plotted on the strategies i use VS the number of times i fail.


10. Anchor deepthi :

Q : Define energy.

A : According to the physics syllabus written by our B.com mla jaleel khan, energy is vijayawada and vijayawada is energy.

childhood nunchi anthey…


11. kireeti :

Q : What is the full form of LCD ?

A : The full form of LCD is Love Creating Drama and that is what i love to do. If there is no drama around us, we create it by any means.


12. Tanish :

Q : Define turbine.

A : Basically these academics are not my cup of tea. i am more into supervision and management. Its an art to get your work done just by your english and supervision skills and i have them plenty.


13. Samrat

Q: What is Indu…

A: Wait, I’m the captain of the house. So no questions for me. Em peekkuntavo peekko.


14. Babu Gogineni

Q: What is a Structure ?

A: Wait a second! Your question itself is unclear andi. I can prove that, I’ll complain to the higher authorities. Evadra principal ikkada ?


Unfortunately, Ganesh was sleeping while the Viiva was happening as always.


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