Here Are The Different ‘Naivedyams’ Offered During Bathukamma Festival!


Bathukamma, Telangana’s state began on Bhadrapada Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya with great pomp and show. Women and young girls take part in the festivities seeking prosperity, health and wellness for their family. The festival goes on for nine days, with each day signifying the ‘Naivedhyam’ that needs to be offered to the goddess. The food stuffs are easy to prepare as usually the preparation involves young girls. On the last day however, all the women gather together to take part in the festivities on the final day known as Saddhula Bathukamma.


1) Engili pula Bathukamma : The festival commences on Mahalaya Amavasya, also known as Pethara Amavasya in the Telangana region.

Naivedyam: Nuvvulu (Sesame seeds) with Biyyampindi (rice flour) or Nookalu (coarsely ground wet rice).



2) Atukula Bathukamma : The second day is called Atukula Bathukamma, falls on Padyami (first day) of Ashwayuja masam.

Naivedyam: Sappidi pappu (Bland boiled lentils), Bellam (jaggery), and Atukulu (flattened parboiled rice)



3) Muddapappu Bathukamma: The third day of Bathukamma falls on Vidiya or second day of Ashwayuja masam.

Naivedyam: Muddapappu (softened boiled lentils), Milk and Bellam (jaggery)



4) Nanabiyyam Bathukamma : The fourth day falls on Thidiya or third day of Ashwayuja masam.

Naivedyam: Naanesina Biyyam (wet rice), Milk, and Bellam (jaggery)



5) Atla Bathukamma : The fifth day falls on the Chathurdi or fourth day of Ashwayuja masam.

Naivedyam: Uppidi Pindi Atlu (pancakes made from wheatlets) or Dosa



6) Aligina Bathukamma : The sixth day falls on the Panchami or fifth day of Ashwayuja masam.



7) Vepakayala Bathukamma : The seventh day falls on the Shashti or sixth day of Ashwayuja masam.

Naivedyam: Riceflour shaped into the fruits of Neem tree is deep-fried.



8) Vennamuddala Bathukamma : The eighth day falls on Sapthami or seventh day of Ashwayuja masam.

Naivedyam: Nuvvulu (sesame), Venna (Butter) or Ghee (clarified butter), and Bellam (jaggery)



9) Saddula Bathukamma : The ninth day of Bathukamma is celebrated on Ashtami or eighth day of Ashwayuja masam, and coincides with Durgashtami.

Naivedyam: Five types of cooked rice dishes namely, perugannam saddi (curd rice), Chinthapandu Pulihora Saddi (tamarind rice), Nimmakaya Saddi (lemon rice), Kobbari Saddi (coconut rice) and Nuvvula Saddi (sesame rice)



Images Source : Telangana Tourism


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