GHMC To Bring Medicare Closer To Poor People By Setting Up ‘Basthi’ Hospitals In The City!


Even though there are many multi-specialty hospitals in Hyderabad. It is very difficult for the poor and sometimes the middle class to afford the bills in such hospitals. So the easiest alternative option they look at is Government hospitals. Mostly all the Government hospitals are located in areas that are far from where the poor are living. And it is really difficult for them to always travel that far and reach the hospital. So, in order to avoid this problem, and help facilitate the poor with better facilities, Hyderabad government is planning to construct 50 new government hospitals in different slum areas across the city.

The people who live in places with the least cleanliness are most prone to fall ill. Deadly diseases like Malaria and dengue are spreading like a virus in slum areas. And this was the first thing that came out of the survey that was conducted in several areas of the city. It is always better if we prevent the diseases and take proper care of it in the early stage itself. And if the hospital is nearer to where we live, it will be easy to take proper medication.

GHMC along with Telangana Hyderabad are planning build such hospitals all across the city in 50 different slum locations. And this first time that, apart from just basic first aid kit, A proper designated doctor, nurses and compounder will also be there at every hospital. And for Emergency cases, a Diagnostic center with the latest technology will also be present in the hospital. Let’s hope this will help all those in medical need in right time.


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