A Love Letter To The First Malayalam Movie I Watched: Bangalore Days

Bangalore days clocks seven years of its release today! Nenu chusina first malayalam movie. I think melo chala mandhiki kuda idhe first Malayalam movie ayyi untundi. These cousins stole everyone hearts with their blended emotions and magical chemistry. Epudu chusina ah freshness alane untundi. So ee movie nundi the most beautiful memories ni recollect cheskudham.

  • Title Track:

Oh my goodness!! Those titles has my heart da!! Asalu entha cute miniature toys tho, cute cute pictures tho eye feast anthe. Every toy tells a story. (Bikes-Aju, Aeroplane-Kuttan first love, Divya’s first night place, Car-Nam ooru Bangalore song)

  • Engagement Talks:

Shiva (Fahad) tana past gurinche kakunda..nenu ipudu ready ga lenu marriage ki ani cheptadu. She (Nazriya/Divya) has every reason to say no to the marriage. But Divya dog parigethukuntu shiva dagara ki vasthundi..shiva ni chudadam first time kani aravakunda calm ga adukuntundi. Divya oka moment ala surprised ga chusthundi. This shows how people love and trust dogs more.

  • The Conversation Between Cousins The Night Before The Wedding:

Cousins are generally the first best friends that anyone has in their life.They know you in and out because you started your life with them. Chinnapati nundi kalisi perigi, chadhuvkuni, allari chesi ila okesari manalo okariki pelli anagane mugguru chala emotional aypotharu. They promised each other that they’d go to Bangalore when they were older. As it turns out their life takes them exactly there.

  • Butterfly Moment:

Ee scene mundhu varaku naku shiva asalu nachaledhu. Mundhu roju night divya ni mature ga alochinchu, endhuku chinna pilla la untav ani tana medha arustadu. Kani the next morning, tanu geesina ah colourful butterfly medha sunrays padi.. ah rays ki shiva nidra levadam is so magical. He realized that how honest and pure her intensions were. I guess chala years tarvata shiva face lo oka smile chustham.

  • Arjun And His Changes Perception Of Love:

Already parents divorced ayina effect Arjun medha chala untundi. Divya, Kuttan who knew Arjun for the longest time, saw a new side of him when he was with Sarah. This is the power of love holds within itself. When Aju says “I don’t like to follow you; I like to walk with you”..such a wonderful person you are.

  • Kuttan’s Dilemma Of Love:

Andari lane kuttan tana first love kosam wait chesthu untadu. Unfortunately he left heart broken. But somewhere life has written something even better and that’s where the girl comes. Tanu esari edhuru chudaledhu, venaka padaledhu but it all just happens ante.

  • Nam Ooru Bangaloruu:

The song itself starts with a poster “Discover yourself”. Divya’s freedom, that open roof car, oh yeah coming to yellow car that’s my favourite one. Ee three cousins banglore roam chesthunapudu yelow car lo untaru which shows their joy and carefree days. The car is seen in almost all the scenes where the trio is having fun- a symbol of their relationship with their dream city.

Kuttan’s Parents And Their New Life:

What i loved about kuttan’s father is he took a chance to change his life at a very later stage. Also ala tanu vellipoyaru ani edusthu, drama lantivi create cheyakuna kuttan valla amma kuda tanaki kavalsina life choose cheskuntundi. They both realized what exactly they want in their life. Just living in the present and not thiking about future is beyond everything.

  • The Mango Juice Moment:

Aju intiki vachinapudu enti asalu oka mango juice kuda ledhu ani aduguthadu. Apudu Divya intlo evariki istam ledhu ani indirect ga chepthundi. Seems that shiva even don’t know that she likes mango juice. But few moments later , shiva fridge motham mango juice bottles tho nimpesthadu. It feels surreal that Shiva paid attention to that.

  • Arjun Showing Sarah The Graffiti:

Sarah nundi em expect cheyakunda tanu other state ki vellipothundi ani one day mundhu bytaki teskostadu. Tana face ni graffiti vesina place ki teskochi tanaki chupinchadam….Really, the awestruck moment asalu.

  • When Natasha’s Dog Recognizes Shiva:

Years back, Shiva had gifted Natasha(Nithye menon) a puppy named Naughty. When he visits her parents, Naughty instantly recognizes him and rushes to greet him. I know this scene just blew our mind with continuous tears.

One Movie, many love stories, Friendship tales, and emotions proved that language is not a barrier. Each and every character is so prominent and it is there still in everyone’s heart. Thank you, Anjali Menon garu for this beautiful tale. Kudos to all the actors for giving the most natural performances.

In my opinion Aju deserves separate article..so aju gurinchi indhulo ekuva cover cheyalekapoya. C u Soon Aju in anaother article!! So Yeah Thumbs up if this is your first Malayalam movie that you watched and Comment your favourite scene from Bangalore days and I’m sure that you’ll smile automatically.

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