10 Signs That You Are The Bandla Ganesh Of Your Gang


Bandla Ganesh Social media lo one of the rachest candidates. Eeyana peru chepithe evaranna vanukutharu (ani eeyana feeling). Eeyana behavior lo oka uniqueness untadhi. Which makes him very unique, eeyanni chusi ippudu mana friend gang lo chala mandhi aah style ni copy kodadham ani chusthunnaru, so here are some signs that you are the Bandla Ganesh of your Gang! Ee signs anni chusi, mee gang lo evarni chusi ila anipinchindho, vaallani tag cheyandi, lets begin.


1. Always Over Confident About Life


2. Hates Eega-lu


3. Loves To Take “1 Week lo TRUMP tho Photo Challenge”


4. People always ‘Thakkuva Anchana’ you


5. Loves To Give ‘Emotional Speeches’ About People You Love


6. Doesn’t involve in ‘Time Waste Yavvaraalu’


7. You have a ‘Jeel (zeal) & Goal’ in your life


8. Gets ‘Hyper Active’ at times


9. Nobody knows your ‘Rendo (2nd) Angle’


10. Loves to do ‘Self Dabba’ about yourself


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