If Wildlife & Nature Is What Excites You, Then This Sanctuary In Karnataka Is A Must Visit!


Ee article wildlife, nature and travel ante interest and respect unna vaallaki maathrame. Zoo batch please pakkakelli aadukondi.

Bandipur national park is one of the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in south. It is a part of “Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve” ,where you have high chance of spotting variety of wildlife.

We opted for Bandipur as our primary interest is to spot tigers in their natural habitat and since Bandipur is a mix of shrublands , dry deciduous and moist deciduous forest, we have more chances of spotting a tiger .(also since its the nearest tiger reserve to our home).

Best time to visit the park is between Nov – Feb when the weather is pleasant. But woods in monsoons is another kind of magic altogether.


The best way to go to Bandipur is to drive or rent a cab from Banglore. You can also combine your trip to Ooty with it as it falls on the way to Ooty or Mysore as one has to pass through Mysore to reach Bandipur.

Or you can even just opt to visit Ranganatha swamy temple or Mysore Maharaja Palace on the way if you have less time on your trip to Bandipur.

Pic Source : Mysore tourism

The park gates will be closed between 9 PM – 6 AM so one has to reach to their accommodation place before that.


Pre-book the stay at Bandipur, as the rooms availability are limited over there.

We decided to stay at “The Serai” and picked their Mountain Log Hut to experience the jungle vibe with panoramic views of the forest. Since, the log huts faced forest we spotted deers and sloth bears right from our log hut.

Pic Source : the serai.in


As for Safari, you can book a safari directly through the forest dept. website

Since, the resort we stayed has tie-ups with forest dept. for a two and half an hour safari, they arranged it for us where we had the luck of spotting a Tiger.

Places to Visit:

Day 1: Banglore – Bandipur.

Pic Source : Holidify

Day 2:

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

Gopalaswamy Betta is the highest peak in the Bandipur park. It is home to Venugopala Swamy temple. Plastics and vehicles are not allowed onto the peak. You will have to travel in bus from certain point.

The drive to gopalaswamy betta is very scenic and view from the peak is pretty beautiful.

Pic Source : himavadgopalaswamy.org.in

Pic Source : Holidify

Wildlife Safari in Bandipur

Bandipur is home to many species along with tigers. So, one has a good chance of spotting leopards, Bison, Dhole, Elephants, Owls , Peacocks, Sloth bears etc.

Carry clothes in dark colors, preferably Black, Green, Brown. Avoid flashy clothing and heavy jewellery and intense perfumes on safari. Carry a Cap and Scarf.

If luck favours you, you will spot as many animals as possible in their natural habitat. ( Rent a binoculars, it always helps).

Day 3:

Murugan Temple

This temple is on a beautiful hill which has beautiful panoramic views of the Nilgiris from the temple.

Pic Source : Flickr – Rajendran Ganesan

Travel to the temple in the morning to enjoy the pleasant weather and views.

Wildlife Safari in Masinagudi/Mudumalai

In the afternoon you can go on a masinagudi safari where you have high chances of spotting Bisons and Elephants.

Day 4:

Bandipur – Banglore


The least it would cost INR 5000/- per head from banglore while the highest can go upto INR 30,000/- as it depends upon your choice of stay and activities.


Kindly don’t take plastic into the jungle (surely you CAN live 3 days without chips, cold drinks and trash)

And do not feed animals in the park.

PS : Mem already vellaam maaku emi kanipinchaledhu so akkada em levu ane “VEPAAKU” thinking Vaddhu please. Adhem zoo kaadhu vellinandhuku animals anni daggara kanipinchaali anna guarantee undataaniki. It all depends on luck and that’s what is the beauty of wildlife safari.

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