This Independent Film ‘Bandham Regad’ Made With The Concept Of Parallel Lives And Dreams Is A Must Watch!


“A complete film”, We have very few films which we can term them complete. ‘Bandham Regad’ is one such film. This independent film made with whooping budget of 15lakhs, offers you a complete mixture of love, emotion and thrilling experience. Right from the story line, to the way they presented it on the screen it no less than any other silver screen film. The story written by Saahith Mothukuri, is simple yet completed. The completed story is made look simple with his screenplay and cinematography.


The back drop of the film is set at village named “Bandham Regad” which is in Adilabad district. The way the director presents the two parallel stories and connects them at the end is worth commending. The cinematography is also top notch. The visuals add some additional essence to the film. And the same goes with colouring. Big technicians like Shiva Kumar from Annapurna Studios, who worked for Bahubali 1 and 2, had done colouring for this film. Anil and Bhanu have done some interesting publicity design.


Involving some medical knowledge, building a love story around it, the concept of dream, the family emotions, the lead pair and the climax where he answers everything, Director Saahith done a great job in presenting a complex story in a very clean, neat and simple manner. Lead actors Yuva Chandraa, Priyanka Sharma and Srikanth reddy Ganta were perfect in their roles. The background score adds some feel to the film. On the whole ‘Bandham Regad’ is one such film we got see very rarely. So don’t miss it.



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