13 Whistle-Worthy Scenes Which Took ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’ Movie To A Whole New Level!


Contributed by Jahnavi SVLS

Cinema chusi vachaaka manadari reactions MB’s best performance till date, director promise ni nilabettukunnaaru and many more.. But best feeling of every citizen is ilaanti CM unte entha baagunnu ani but bharat cheppinattu prathi okkariki bhayam bhaadyata undaali. Appudu naayakulu manalo nunde pudataaru.
Some of the best things about the movie apart from superstar

1. The name plate
Bharat adjusts the name plate. Trailer lo first shot. And his first gesture in his office. One of the best shots literally. Metaphorical ga chupinchaaru that ” Bharat Ram” is set to reform the system ani..


2. Antahkaranasudhitho
Ee word trailer chusinappadu nundi it was haunting in our minds. Cinema lo first time Bharat oath cheppetaddu tadabade word kuda ide. Aa word ki meaning idi ani rendu lines lo cheppochu. Kaani ala cheppakunda kallaku kattinattu chupinchaadu director through the CM’s measures. That scene when Bharat grabs the mike and pronounces it the right way is ??


3. House lo doubts clear ayithe I will take a leave madam speaker
In one of the interviews MB, director said that the whole 10-12 minute scene was shot without any cuts to make it look as real as possible. Scene start to end I was wondering if I was watching a real parliament session tv telecast version or the movie. Anta real gaa anipistundi the whole set, taking and the atmosphere! And CM gaaru mallee on???


4. The teneeru vindu scene
Ee scene gurinchi special gaa cheppaala ! Best interval bang in recent times.


5. Helicopter
Task force ni appoint chesaadu Okay..but villains aagutaara aagaru..idanta expected eh..kaani CM inka raade to save him ani anukunelopala classy entrance istaadu mana BHARAT..fans, audience andaru theatre lo racha rache appudu.


6. The durga mahal fight scene
Trailer lo CM formals eskoni fightings chestunte mana koratala enduku boyapati fights pettaadu and adi kuda classy CM tho ani anipinchidi.
But cinema chusinappadu maatram this was a high moment for everyone, especially for the fans. Shadow ni vaadina vidhaanam hero elevation ki???? and then the racha contiued !!


7. Vachaadayyo saami
Panchakattu and MB = deadly combo
The whole song was lit af.


8. The proposal scene
Pure MB things..that subtle romance.. Love track kuda deviating ga lekunda chala neat ga untundi. Kiara and Mahesh both look cute together. The way MB blushes seeing the heroine in office looks so cute…


9. The press conference
This was on point, so relevant. The most talked about scene by everyone. Recent happenings so apt and relatable. Ikkada ayithe Mb nata viswaroopam kanipinchidi. Dimma tirigi mind block avvaali prathi okkadiki anna range lo raasaaru koratla gaaru scene.


10. I don’t know to I know transformation
Idi common point mana koratala movies lo. Be it in mirchi, sreemantudu or janata garage or the recent BAN hero is generally self introspective and in a journey of realising his ambition. Kaani indulo inka clear gaa chupinchaaru through bharat’s character. I dont know song deggaranundi I KNOW ani balla guddi cheppevaraku, there is an amazing transformation in his characterisation.


11. The final oath
Yes yes yes…and the CM is back with a perfect and a more heartfelt oath this time…the corrupt leaders are all put behind the bars. The real culprit shot himself. Little predictable ending but so satisfying.


12. Education reforms, traffic rules, local governance
These issues and reforms seemed as if koratala made a direct suggestion to government ! Kaadantaara ?


13. The ultimate message
“Naayakulu avasarm leni desanni nirminchatame oka naayakudi lakshanam”
ani intakante baaga evaru cheppaleremo anipinchindi.


Kudos Koratala gaaru, for taking such a subject…this might not be a new subject …before watching it, many felt that leader chusaam, oke okkadu chusaam..what new will this offer ? But koratala showed a whole new dimension, he sailed his ship in a different direction unlike others. Konni konni logics pakkana petti chuste this will be a treat to watch. Watch this and you wont be disappointed..there are very few movies which wont take the audience for granted. Proud to say that koratala has always given us such good movies to be looked upon.


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