12 Times When Balayya Spoke His Own Language & We Didn’t Understand A Word


There are extroverts, there are free minded people. Then there is Balayya. He doesn’t hold back anything, it seems like he speaks every word out that comes to his mind. And its not once in a while thing, it has happened a lot of times, here’s a compilation of Balayya Babu garu speaking his own language.

P.S: This is a very light hearted article, written only for the sake of laughs and giggles. Peace. Jai Balayya.


1. Balayya @ SIIMA 2018


Watch from 1:50


2. When Balayya challenged Sameer with a mind bending Tongue Twister



3. Direct attack to Modi

Mann ki Choooossss

Learn Hindi under 3 minutes


4. Balayya about Isha Talwar (Talwar, more specifically)

*Translator Gave Up*


5. Even Gods must be born out of their Mother’s Wombs

Watch from 2:20


6. Balayya about ‘Women Empowerment’ again

Watch from 40 seconds


7. Balayya about ‘Greatness of Women’ again & again & again.


8. A very rare video of both on screen & off screen legends, Balayya garu & Boyapati delivering ear blasting dialogues.

With Jagapathi Babu’s loud cameo


9. When fans asked Balayya babu to deliver a very lengthy dialogue:


10. When he proved that he can rock Tamil too


11. And of course, who can forget this ‘Unfiltered Balayya’ comment.


12. The latest addition, Balayya’s Urdu Shayari about Pooja Hegde

The Most Vibrant, Occacious, Sparklingly, Sparingly Captivating & cool

Aasman se farishta utarke, Sange marmaranema
Har kali mehar khaab ho jati
Pathi pathi gulaab ho jaati
Tu ne dali na mein fidaa nazren
Warna shabnam sharaab ho jati

From 7:42


People trying to understand Balayya’s words:


And to those wondering, ‘Enti, inthena videos!!

‘Ivi sample mathrame, Inka YouTube lo chaaaala unnai’


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