Making Education Accessible And Affordable Through Crowdfunding – ‘Badi Bata’ At Suryapet District Paves The New Path!


The Telangana State Government has been putting incessant efforts for the growth and development of the educated youth in the state. As a step towards making education affordable and reachable, the government has come up with many initiatives that aim at benefiting school going children. The Badi Bata Programme by the Telangana State Government has been successful in enrolling new students and reducing the dropout rate to a great extent. Badi bata is week- long students enrollment drive conducted by Government of Telangana across districts. The programme’s objectives include enrolling all school-age children into schools, school quality,and facility improvement programmes, ensuring water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools.

In the last few years of running the Badi Bata programme, more than 3 lakh students were benefited and a 20% growth has been achieved in student enrollment in schools. Teachers from several government schools will intensify student enrollment drive by undertaking a door-to-door campaign.The Collector of Suryapet District is working in congruence with the state government to be able to make a larger impact in the district. They are all set to organize Badi Bata program from the 1st of June to till 10th of June, 2018. DEO of Suryapet Dist Smt. Chaitanya says“We have set a target of increasing the enrollment of students into government schools in the district through Badi Bata. Our primary focus would be on schools with zero enrollment and mandals where the dropout rate is more 30%.” She says we are doing our level best to create confidence among the public in government schools and increase the strength of students.

As a part of the Badi Bata programme, the Suryapet district education department is planning to distribute books and stationery for free for more than 5000 children supporting those children who belong to underprivileged families who can’t bear the expenses of school supplies. This initiative shows the commitment of government and creates confidence among public on government schools which helps them enroll more kids.

To benefit more kids through this initiative, Government of Telangana leveraging technology to raise funds to procure basic school supplies. They have teamed with an online crowdfunding portal Donatekart to reach out to donors all over the world. On their campaign page donors can add stationery to kart and pay for them online, which gets delivered to Educational Department. With absolutely no cash involved, this platform ensures 100% transparency for your donation.

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