Co-Incidence! The Plot Of The Blockbuster ’24’ Is Similar To A Telugu Short Film!

24, the moving story of an inventor, watchmaker and a ruthless power-hungry old man all played by Suriya ha got the box-office counters ringing. The movie is winning accolades and appreciation from everyone. Frankly, this film deserves every bit of the applause it is getting and then some more. Director Vikram K Kumar‘s simple easy-to-understand narration made the film an exciting experience for movie goers over this weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet, then go watch it right away.
Vikram K Kumar is known for his simple story telling skills that can easily communicate even the toughest of concepts to all sections of the audience. So many directors have tried and failed at presenting their stories the way Vikram Kumar does. The story revolves around a wrist watch that the protagonist uses to freeze time and roll back his actions when he wants to. After watching the movie though, there was a hint of familiarity pulling away at the back of my head. One question, “Have I seen this before?”. And then the answer came to me, Backspace!
Indie-Film maker Phanindra Narsetti‘s Backspace which was shot and edited on an iPhone had a plot that was very similar to 24. Backspace is about a guy who, through a lucky accident, acquires the power to rewind time and undo past actions. Backspace is an interesting subject that Phanindra managed to narrate in a very simple and relate-able manner. The similarity to 24 is surely a happy co-incidence, but it is pleasing to no end that we have film-makers like Phanindra who are quite capable of coming up with out-of-the-box subjects like Backspace. We can’t wait to watch this guy bring his concepts onto the big screen.
Watch Backspace and decide for yourself!

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